DSNDP Volunteers Make Chicago Proud Again!

Trupti Kirve
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Global Nonprofit DSNDP Volunteers From Illinois participate in yet another Cleanliness Drive!

On June 30th ,2024, Illinois State residents joined hands as dedicated volunteers of the global non-profit organization Dr. Shri. Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan (DSNDP), undertaking a Adopt-A-Highway cleanup drive in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Transportation at the Sanders Road and East Dundee Road to Pfingsten Road and Dundee, 60062. This cleanliness drive by DSNDP drew 8 volunteers at Cook County who collected 2 big size bags resulting in collection of around 160 pounds of waste.
In alignment with the motto "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (The world is one family), DSNDP aims to foster a brighter future by advocating for cleanliness drives in collaboration with the US government by undertaking nationwide cleanliness drives since July 2022. These activities are executed under the guidance of the founders of the organisation Dr. Shri Appasaheb Dharmadhikai and Dr. Shri Sachindada Dharmadhikari.
Earlier in Illinois, the organization also carried out other cleanliness activities via Adopt- a Highway and Adopt-a-Site initiative involving a total of 110 volunteers who worked for around 173 volunteer hours, collecting 130 bags of waste resulting in approx. 1950 pounds of trash
Within the North America continent, DSNDP continues to collaborate with 18 states and 73 cities across the United States for nationwide cleanliness drive including 23 different programs such as Adopt-Highway/Park/Beach/ Street/ River etc. During these cleanliness drives, DSNDP has successfully engaged 2019 volunteers, actively collecting more than 33000 pounds of trash, resulting in significant cost savings for the government. The organisation has received accolades from various state and county governments in the form of 52 certificates and 51 signboards within the nation.
The organisation is also involved in tree plantation across 15 states and 33 cities within the US. DSNDP is also involved in health initiatives such as the Women's Cancer Awareness Conference successfully hosted in February 2023 and blood/ plasma donation drives in Canada and the United States in recent years. DSNDP also recently organised a Mega Cleanliness Drive and Tree Conservation Event across 21 locations simultaneously to celebrate Earth Day 2024.
For more information, please visit http://www.dsndp.com.

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