Women's March on Chicago Brings 250,000+ Protesters To the Streets


#womensmarchTo oppose the litany of horrors expected to be unleashed by the current resident of the White House, Chicagoans took to protest in one of the largest mobilizations in Chicago history.

The Women's March on Chicago, held on Saturday, January 21, 2017, exceeded expectations by orders of magnitude — which the police and the corporate media acknowledged numbers upwards of 250,000 people, ranking it among the very largest protests in Chicago history. [Pictures] The protest grew so large it became too big to march (name notwithstanding).

The Women's March on Chicago was joined by sister protests across the USA and around the world, whose combined participation made it one of the largest days of protest in history. The next challenge is how to translate the energy of the marches into further political action, to transform the success of the marches "from a moment into a movement", a question participants have taken with earnest.

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