Chomsky: A protest against NATO is a protest against endless war and the global military machine


Leading dissident political analyst and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky voiced his support for planned protests at the 18-21 May NATO summit in Chicago. Chomsky notes how--according to US and NATO propaganda and the logic of the Cold War--NATO should have disbanded with the Warsaw Pact in 1991. It's continued existence and indeed, extension east to former Warsaw Pact countries, shows that NATO became an "international intervention force under U.S. command" with an "official commitment" to "defend the global energy system." Prof. Chomsky winds up by noting that "a protest against NATO is in fact a protest against a vast military machine which of course has no counterpart anywhere and the prospect of endless war and destruction." Finally, he encourages protestors to link up with the Free Bradley Manning Contingent in support of Manning, who allegedly leaked classified materials to Wikileaks in an action unparalleled since Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers.

For a full calendar of actions please visit the NATO Protest website.

See his full statement here:

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