Voldemort wins second term as Chicago mayor


“OneRahm Emanuel has been declared the winner of the 2015 Chicago mayoral runoff over Jesus "Chuy" Garcia. Rahm held an overwhelming spending advantage (as much as $45 million spent in the 2015 primary and runoff by some estimates), media saturation and smear campaign, and reports of ballots pre-marked for Rahm.

Some 1.1 million out of 1.4 million registered Chicago voters (nearly four-fifths) didn’t vote for Rahm, and one progressive voting organizer has declared "The Rahm Emanuel we know is broken". Nevertheless, Chicagoans can expect four more years of continued school cuts, suspicious fiscal policies, protests against all of the above, and the christening of a new progressive electoral machine.

Additional Commentary: Jacobin Magazine: Four More Years | Politico: Rahm the Screwup | Salon: "Pushed to the brink of extinction": How Rahm Emanuel won — and became the biggest loser in Chicago | In These Times: Rahm Emanuel Won—But Chicago Progressives Actually Have Much to Be Happy About

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