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NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago:
A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

An open call to grassroots reporters: This May, the military, financial and political leaders of NATO and their spinmasters will meet in Chicago. Protesters are coming, too, to oppose NATO’s military agenda and the political and economic agendas of their paymasters. Chicago politicians and national security forces are gearing up to suppress those protests -- an ugly parallel to the lethal suppression of popular will in countries subjected to NATO bombing, occupation and repression. And dollars to donuts, the corporate press will get the story wrong -- and fail to cover the reasons people are coming out to protest.

That's where you come in. Progressive grassroots and civilian journalists -- like you -- will be there, as well, to cover the protests and the larger economic, social and environmental issues that drive opposition to NATO militarism. That’s why Chicago Indymedia is partnering with local and national progressive media makers -- livestreamers, bloggers, print and radio reporters, videographers, photographers and more -- to host the Chicago Independent Media Convergence Center -- CIMCC. Find out how you can get involved -- and how we can support you. Read more.

  • Check out our NATO Fact Sheet, a resource for streamers, civilian journalists and independent reporters.
  • Help us bankroll equipment -- make a donation! Click here -- and be sure to put in CIMC in the ‘designation’ line.
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