One More Year of Labor Oppression in Ukraine


On this day in 2022, WBEZ, National Public Radio in Chicago published:
"Restrictions on these worry the opposition, namely that Zelenskyy is clearing out political rivals before the 2024 presidential election. Before the war, he was a deeply unpopular president."

Media is oppressed even more than expected in time of war, because no challenge of any kind to Volodymyr Zelenskyy is tolerated. Notice in this NPR interview, the broadcasters in Ukraine must either remain anonymous, or give very cautious answers.

"SVITLANA ORLOVSKA: (Through interpreter) We were switched off from digital broadcast and excluded from the national channel. We have not been provided any reasons for this."

You won't see much of this in US media, either, because the plug has been pulled on just about everyone who dares speak out against endless war.

Just a reminder, the US Budget hovers at about US$850,000,000,000
We've got money burning a hole in our pocket, so let's burn the planet to the ground.

David Roknich,


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