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Erik Rijnart


As there’s a mechanism in the Aglo-Saxion World, where there’s a system of corporatism within the Commonwealth countries, this alert lacks between
The Netherlands and their (former) land parts around the globe.

Once England would get a dictatorial ruler – let’s say, an English clone of Hitler would rise up, and get the opportunity to install a ‘Nazi Type’ junta in London, the Commonwealth members
will have a lead, as having a structure, on behalf of which, the (former) colonies could (and would) stand up to the developments in the old country.

As far as my knowledge goes, the Netherlands has no system like this. Only when a disputable leader (like in their eyes Desi Bouterse) stands up in a former remote land part,
The Hague will raise its finger to the non-desirable rule in the former land quarter, and even they will attempt to get other allies into an intervention, and if not, will have
a former colony be placed under international embargo….this happened to South Africa, once Holland saw bread in a change of manner to their earlier allies, they
actively withstood Pretoria, and urged for a regime change.

Now, terrible things happened in the Netherlands: the story about a ‘Fun O Cide’, which took place from October 1st. 2008 till October 1st. 2014, and where 20.000.000. blue-eyed girls lost their lives, just to
cocaine from your surroundings, been smuggled from the Latin American mainland, and -forward to Amsterdam, is a deep dark page in Netherlands’ annual.

Who were those girls? Merely, not to say all of them, were (blue-eyed) girls from orphanages in Russia. Once the campaign ran to its’ end, the Russian Jet Set wanted to be granted for having
exported those Twenty Million, and as folks wanted to avoid customs (driving with a truck loaded with coke from Amsterdam to Moscow will lead over some 4 or 5 borders..) and making sure there was
no interference to be expected from border troops (n)or customs, made them come up with ‘brilliant plan’: loading the Malaysian Air(liner) MH17 with coke, and then order the Buk-missile to pick the plane
out of mid-air. In the freight compartment of the plane, there were ‘fish drums’, shockproof and hermetically sealed, stuffed with this Caribbean drug.

Once the aircraft was ‘ground born’, the story was that only one person was granted access to the disaster site in Eastern Ukraine; the Amsterdam police chief P.J. Aalbersberg.

A very glancing way of smuggling, putting the finger on you, but be never under the suspense of no one.

(While nobody in the Netherlands and outside would consider such a motive..)

This scene is not unexceptional; Amsterdam’s a ‘free place’ for ‘misuse of children and a legal haven for ‘brutalizing, scrutinizing’ women and (mostly) young girls.

As been kidnapped in my police detachment over in ’94, as folks from the Dutch health services entered my police station abroad, and took me with them to the Netherlands, where I got
stuck ever since, I know all too well that ‘state crime’ is something common over here; police ‘runs’ Amsterdam as a ‘baby bordello’, and guess no one over here is not involved in sexual acts
again children…while it’s a ‘law-free area’ particularly when it comes to sexual all leads to the status of Amsterdam as a free place for all kinds of narcotics, which are lawfully under probation,
and the press will spread this picture via their media, “coke is very dangerous, beware of consuming this killer drug”, but same time – however – police forces over here are a major producer of this
narcotic, and even the armed forces, having the Koninklijke Marechaussee as the representing political instrument, are playing a key role in the smuggling of stuff, not only from your area but as
well from areas, where they (the Dutch) have a military presence in the field, as in Afghanistan.

What can we do, or what can you do?

The whole projection of this all is to fake the Dutch population (and everyone else). The longer I’m stuck in this country (as a former Ciskei Defence Forcer), the longer it becomes clear to me
that the authorities will have my person dead, and not just to have me dead…; my registration in the Netherlands is false, and am residing here with a false fiscality: my fiscal number is a former
– but exported – Dutch fiscal number, and when being towed back to Holland, they registered me (again) with the same fiscal number, and this will lead to a prompt bankruptcy of Netherlands’
Tresor, once I may leave life here. And this projection comes clearer by the day.

Besides having been ‘hoofd chef’ of Brussels police in period 2007-2015, and ‘ponderous’ for Cape Town (Kaapstad) police and some other international affiliations, I had represented
‘Politie Zeeland’ in 2009, successfully been police response in the Province of Drenthe, being appointed (2009-2010) as the “first non-National Dutch’ (due Eerste “allochtone”-)
police corps leader in a two-span with Surinam-born Mr. Sitalsing, in the region of Twente, I’d been installed as one of the fifty-one new “Corps Leaders” in – also 2009, at December 1st.

Police chief Bernard Welten (decided in 2013) decided in 2009, to ‘fire’ all of them – then, in number 5982, constables of Amsterdam Police, using a so-called ‘ buitenhandelingstelling’,
and formation of a new, replacing – alternative – police corps of 51 persons, all being granted the title “Corps Leader”, and having the corps grow, by having the corps leaders form their own
corps hemisphere, as everyone in one surrounding, as family, relatives, friends, getting into the system as corps individuals, without having the police organization having to install corps members,
and forgoing to this, having the personnel to be screened, but most of all being spoiled by the corps culture (as to be liberal and tolerant, or even stimulating (towards) harsh crimes, as child abuse, child prostitution, homicide).

Mr. Welten must have been quite confused about the culture of ‘free raping’, ‘free killing’ within the Amsterdam corps, and as he neared the end of his period in Amsterdam, he found it necessary to
act up and do at least something to reform the Amsterdam corps, so (he) came up with this kind of “Volkspolizei”.

You can feel the outcome of the story…as my person, was brought over to Holland and called in for financial management at the Justice Department, the mutations on my bank account were visible for the
employees of the financial controlling instance where my file was hosted…once the typists/secretaries saw a sum of Honderduizend Gulden being transferred to my bank account, the whole
the plan failed, as I was treated by the financial control agency…” he’s one of those 51 new corps leaders as we saw a significant amount of money coming from the police organization, but not from
KLPD, the former ‘Rijkspolitie’, who were informed about my role in the ‘Coup D Etat in the police organization, then started a war, not only against me, but they opened fire on all youngest
girls, and having set up a drug trafficking body, smuggling ‘coke’ from South America, while ‘lust killers’ were granted ‘the right on lust homicide’ and herewith constructing an exchange system of
coke-for-killing, or; killing for coke.

As they would get into discussions with Surinam and Antilles folks over here when starting a trade-in Brown eyed girls, not to say arousing a quarrel with the rather numerous Moroccan and Turkish
an ethnic group over here, they ignited a trade-in, blue-eyed girls…and having some Caribbean Dutch (so as well Surinam people) gotten involved in all this for ‘colonials’ have a certain – and legitimate – grief
against ‘whites’ as been done much harm and being rather insulted in the slavery period, they managed to get involved and, successfully co-responsible, for all this, which will
have an epilogue as my person dies here, as – so the expectation grows – my decent over here will empty and ‘lame’ Dutch economy, when the cadre, government employees and the
more important and influencing people will have their helicopters, yachts, and other means of transportation ready, and -will flee to the Dutch Caribbean: the Dutch government (and the members of
the Crown) were blamed afterward, for having ‘left’ and hustled the country, once Hitler’s forces intervened in 1940, and then leaving the Dutch society with the Germans while leaving the
Dutch soil themself; in this projection, the high class will not leave Dutch soil while dispensing themselves to Dutch areas as the Antilles, and/or even stay on ‘community ground’, as f.e. leaving for
Gemeente Bonaire, of Gemeente Saba, and so not leaving municipal terrain this time.

What we or you can do about this all?

Not sure. But once you have read my report, you will come up with some idea of what to do…The intervention of colonial forces is not an option in this respect, as
Surinam, Indonesia, South Africa (n), or the Antilles, will/would have the instrumentary of acting up against this all.

Even the USA, having gas chambers ready for Amsterdam police since 2009, are not capable to act up: an attack on one, is an attack on all, as far as
the Nato chapter goes…having US forces intervene in Holland, will make Holand call on member Nato countries to stand up to this US aggression, and the
The Nato chapter will speak for them and condemn the US for non-confirmation action on Dutch soil…

Thanks for your time and interest!

Faithfully, Erik Rijnart, brigadier.


Start Dears, As you are aware - -, the former 'free state' (Condominium) of Neutral-Moresnet. Popped up on the map in 1816, 1920 then, as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, hideously gone (up into Belgium). Now 2016, Amikejo celebrated June 16th hers' 200 years! Coming with our Double Centurion offers .us her full companionship and commitment to justice affairs... Let us instruct you about the English translation of "Wir haben es nicht gewusst", which louds "We didn't know". How that? Fun-O-Cide, as being - as 'clerk of state' (Amikejo) residing in Amsterdam, I'd been a witness of the most brutal, cruel, and same time 'secret' war-against-feminalily: 20.000.000. is the death toll of the Campaign 'Diminishing Female Content', which ran parallel with the so-called campaign "Diminishing Blue Eyed Content". As we counted - globally - some 51 to 52% females some fifteen years back, we have to reckon with some 3, 4 or - and then clap your hands with cheer, 5% of the world...maybe 6% when it comes to Females. Same case and same result as it comes to Blue Eyes. "We", the worlds' community, counted some fifteen years back about 23% of Blue (Green, Grey-) Eyed person content. Also, this lowered onto 'max depth' and comes out presently on 3, 4, 5, maybe 6 percent, anyhow, there's been a huge 'roaming' of both Females and Blue Eyed. Arriving in the Netherlands, as been 'visited' by Dutch health workers in my TVBC (Transkei-Venda-Bophuthatswana-Ciskei) police consulate on 'Amikejo' soil, then been grabbed and bonded and brought over to a Dutch 'funny farm' and never been able to get back abroad since then, I went to Amsterdam on the advice of 'services' who were not quite confident of Amsterdam police corps: "if someone would go and take a look in the big city...we don't trust it there", they proposed. "Big City?" I replied, "which big city?". "Amsterdam, of course....why do you ask this..there's only one big city in the Netherlands.." "Yep, but for me, this could mean Joey (Joburg) of Berlin or Moscow...". Then I explained I was taken from abroad to Holland for a medical 'check up' and am - formally spoken - holding up in the Netherlands with a false passport (which was issued out by the Dutch authorities, they don't consider my Dutch ID something extraordinary). So 2006 arrived in Amsterdam, just in time for the "big (roaming) party to begin"! What do I mean? Well, on October first, 2008 they commenced with 'murder parties', and they concluded on October 1st. 2014 has reached a death toll of Twenty Million Blue Eyed girls. They took them from orphan houses in Eastern Europe mostly, but also from elsewhere. Here in Holland, they made the 'original' Dutch population as good as vanished, but nobody knows and nobody suspects something is gone wrong. Who are "they" as I referred to the ones responsible for this massacre (Fun-O-Cide)? Amsterdam police. The former Bush administration had already installed gas compartments on the - so-called - Lockerbie Complex at former Soesterberg U.S. Air Base, where 3000 of the 6000 Amsterdam constables would have gone through an 'arena' court with 300 colleagues, doing ten sessions. While such a session would pass, the judge(s) would pone the question onto the 300 cops in the arena court "give me one good reason YOU especially is NOT the ONE to go into the gas chamber in some half an hour from now?" Then the cops would have been tickled to be as brave as to give their motivation about their right to live along, while the others would 'step in and go'. 3000 of the 6000 cops...why not 6000 altogether? Because common sense tells International Justice that not the whole of the 6000 is crooked (well maybe they are, but this model would make the judicial proceedings one police corps is corrupt and criminal, maybe take as a conviction, otherwise, why had it gone so massive(ly) wrong?). It never came that far. Former police boss Welten took another measure; he fired the whole of the 6000 cops, and installed a form of 'Volkspolizei', where he installed 51 'corps leaders'. My person was one of the luckiest. But the whole reorganization failed; Welten transferred an amount, using a 'douceur' great 45 thousand euro to all of ours fifty-one. But my financial responsible trained me and filled the 'crime corps' with my person being one of this system. So they knew where I was, resp. -am. Nowadays I'm sitting here, with untreated cancer and untreated rat pest (swine plague), and the whole of Amsterdam is on height with my public dying! Responsible for this is the Gangsta Corps Amsterdam Police. Free raping little kids: Amsterdam's a free haven for 'raping babies'. Almost every little girl is been taken to an orgy immediately after her birth and then been 'group raped'. From then on, the first - let's say - five years of her life, she's a public prostitute; you can rape her as much as she wants. Then came another feature in this comic theatre playground: free homicide! As stated above, we count (only in Amsterdam) 20 million victims (Blue Eyed Young Females) from 2008 to 2014. What's the upbringing of this killing campaign? As you know, Netherland has communities, so municipalities, in the Caribean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. In Chavez times, Venezuela's airfield knew an apart customs for European destinations, and as one traveled from Caracas to Berlin or London, they were directed via Amsterdam-Schiphol, and made a 'chill stop' in Amsterdam, having a transfer flight the other mo(u)ring to Berlin, London, etc. In Amsterdam then they were being invited for having a 'chill night', and were letten loose onto those 20.000.000. blue-eyed girls. In exchange for this 'right to homicide, Amsterdam police received Cocaine from Latin America, being smuggled by Dutch "Marine" (sea forces) from the Latin continent, via the Netherlands' Antilles to Amsterdam. Why didn't we get information about this 'shoa'? you might ask... As almost everyone over here's ON COKE, babies, school kids, adults, elderly, no one is objective. Amikejo's Your bridgehead for action upon this cruelty! Believe this or not: Hitler was an amateur!! Faithfully Yours, Erik - Mary Rynart aka Muftypolice in South Africa (former Ciskei Defence Force).


What do you think of the war?

[06:02, 16-03-2022] Semi-overste: Floris, i don't get anything at all of this. In my earliest youth, i was taught 'make love not war', as been born in '64, i lived through the 'summer of love' ['67], 'summer of peace' [68] and the summer of joy ['69]. If i put the by names of the summers in the right order don't know but these were these summers, when the cold war was very actual, we just slipped through the cuba crisis - the only other point in time since ww2 that nuclear arms were brought in the most state of alert, and now this. whatever the outcome over there in ukraine, i hope the result of al this, for us, particularly for the youngsters in the eu/nato hemisphere, is that a contrareaction may follow..i would like to see young people, especially girls, walking on bare feet, wearing flower dresses and with flower tiaras on their's head..that the youth does not fall back in a right wing movement and begin acting as hitler jugends, but that new loving awareness raises its head. and may this all stop very soon over there..not even 1800 kilometres further, and may 'our' political leaders may be wise in their dicisions. As for now, i find the reaction of the western leaders not quite hopeful; bringing out in the news that 'we' deliver ukrain with armory and armed personell (however those who headed to ukrain to help fighting do this as volunteers and not as being military staff of any country), you'd better not 'poke the bear (all too much) in the eye. (This bear is russia..). Hoever, i surely pity the actions and the rubble that the russians make momentarily over there, just for having as much as possible destroyed, once a cease fire may be reached, to some degree i 'understand' the russian grief. As having made rounds with you through the Amsterdam city centre, and explaing about a illustre slaughtre house for girls, a story which no one give credits for, the russians did a peoples count recently, and were able to bring above a missing toll of (missing) children of about sixteen mio. (blue eyed lassies, being traded/tossed for coke in Amsterdam in a merchandise franchise homicide for coke vv. As far as i'm informed, the lassies (girls) were 'exported' out of Russia mostly via the vague border area of Donbass and Luhansk Peoples Republics, and being returned - however in the content of sniff powder, stocked in the MH17, which was, as far as russia goes, been shot down by a Ukrainian BUK-missile - as the russians theirselves didn't operate that particular type of Buk surface to air device anymore, this all just poked the bear in the eye somewhat too much. Things had and have run terribly out of hand. And when taking notice of the documenary of oliver stone, the ukrain is definitely a fertile acre for all kinds of righy wing, and/or nazi like movements, and recently those factions were on the uprise again. So surely there are two sides on this story. However,, how much the suffering may be (russia lost some 75 million lives in the 1st, 2nd. and other conflictual clashes - may this girl slaughter thing may be a true story -), the country's really hit hard by all those not been born mommies, daddys, granny's and grandpa's, and has to deal for the next 100 year or even much longer, with a negative demographic model, as they'l will not be able to fulfill working class the people who weren't born, will not make offspring, so the economy will be crippled for ages while russia can not make use of labor forces for the decennia or centuries to come. So they take their share in the perifery of the russian federation and consider this euro maidan happening a coup d'état, other than a revolution, and consider their acting today a legitimate 'corrective' move. But what a pity for those ukrainians there and those children. This is surely no good. THNX

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