Activists to Travel On Bicycle to Raise Awareness For Animal Rights

Jamie Jungenberg
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Five animal rights activists in the Chicagoland area have formed a new animal rights group. FAST or Five Activists Standing Together aims to travel by bicycle distributing literature that brings light to the hidden horrors of animal abuse worldwide in farms, and promoting a vegan lifestyle. During their travels, they will host a small street exhibit called Change 4 Change that explains their mission, offers literature, and provides an opportunity for the activists to rest and raise money to fund their journeys.

FAST departs for their first outreach tour April 13th, 2013. Starting small, they will ride from northern Illinois, to Madison, Wisconsin, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and back. They are also planning a potential trip to St. Louis for summer 2013.

FAST believes in positive, peaceful living. “We believe that a new world is possible, and we will do everything we can to make it happen” Says a FAST member.

To learn more about FAST, visit

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