27 Of Many Lethal & Other Side Effects Of Antidepressants


Those who have lost a friend to antidepressant generated suicide know some of
the effects of the pro-depression socalled antidepressants: (The following is
compiled from several side effects lists.)
1. The FDA warns on bottles that antidepressants can cause suicide
2. The same agency warns they can cause homicide. (How many of the multiple
shooting incidents in the US were caused by people prescribed antidepressants?)
3. Tardive dyskinesia.. a permanent shaking of hands, feet, torso, and/or
face including involuntary mouth movements, protruding tongue
4. Memory loss
5. Chemical lobotomies
6. Insomnia
7. Weight Gain
8. Impotence
9. Dehydration including dry mouth
10. Constipation
11. Anxiety
12. Headaches
13. Nausea
14. Dizziness
15. Fatigue
16. Drowsiness
17. Irritability
18. Skin Rash
19. Fever
20. Breathing Cessation
21. Seizures
22. Rapid Heartbeat
23. Excessive sweating
24. Gas
25. Intense abdominal pain
26. Itching
27. Confusion
FDA considering expansion of antidepressant warning
Some antidepressant side effects
Some Zoloft side effects
Prozac side effects
Paxil side effects

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