3 Nobel Laureates Disagreeing With CDC and Fauci, And Other News Items

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3 Nobel laureates in science have disagreed with the CDC and Fauci version of covid. They are Dr Kary Mullis,
inventor of the PCR test who says it gives many false positives, Dr David Baltimore who said it is obvious that
the covid virus was manmade, and Dr Luc Montagnier, one of world's foremost virologists, discoverer of HIV who
said whenever vaccinations occur, the curve of vaccinations is followed by the curve of death. Mass Covid
vaccinations, he said, are creating the variants. Dr Michael Yeadon retired VP of Pfizer, called om the EU
to stop the Pfizer vaccine, saying it destroyed placentas.

Dr Ah Kahn Syed: "I told you two weeks ago they were coming after your children.
Not a single child (or anyone under 20) has died of #covid19 in Australia in the whole time of the pandemic."

Reports of menstrual cycle changes after COVID ... - ABC7 News
abc7news.com › covid-vaccine-menstrual-cycle
Michael Yeadon, retired Pfizer VP, asked EU to withdraw Pfizer vax because
it harms the placenta

Heart attacks, strokes, inflammation throughout body, Guillain Barre, paralysis, loss of breath, lasting headaches, severe leg pain, placentas harmed, menstruation changed, sterility, fibromyalgia pains chest, arms, thighs, blood blisters, deaths, Vax effects 2: Bell's palsy, problems closing eyes, dizziness, fatigue, fetal death, large eye floaters, high blood pressure, amylase & lipase counts dangerously high, hair loss, muscle spasms, blood clots, miscarriage, nausea, high fever, uncontrollable bleeding, Vax 3: myocarditis

Trees by evaporating water create rain. They turn toxic CO2 into oxygen, provide animals homes, are windbreaks. Their shade cools hot summer. $$ grows on fruit & nut trees. They prevent mudslide, radiate healing green. Their coconut and
other nut shells can be made into paper.

The beach at Sanibel... an Arlington Cemetery of shells
Sushi can be full of liver flukes.
Your soapbox is littered with termites (let them happily eat.. I'll stand on the ground)
Do you want to vent or to persuade

So many animals tortured ... yet still thalidomide made it through to maim human beings:
"In ..10 strains of rats, 15 strains of mice, 11 breeds of rabbits, 2 breeds of dogs, 3 strains of hamsters, 8 species of primates and in cats, armadillos, guinea pigs, swine and ferrets in whom thalidomide was tested, teratogenic effects have been induced only occasionally."

"Lymphoid leukosis is a neoplastic disease of poultry caused by avian leukosis virus. The disease is characterized by B-cell lymphoma, occurring in chickens approximately 16 weeks of age and older." There are carcinogens in chickens' flesh but in addition
eating a chicken who has the cancer called leukosis can transmit cancer to onsumer.

Date sugar is a gift from trees... no burning of cane fields.. no cruelly harvested corn syrup
Fruits have polysaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides... to give time released supply of energy.

1. Coke has the power to stop the Georgia vote suppression by threatening to move out of state.
2. For 66 years Coke has partnered with McDonald's in ads featuring murder burgers. Fruit juice and smoothies
are great drinks. Coke is not.

"Lymphoid leukosis is a neoplastic disease of poultry caused by avian leukosis virus, characterized by B-cell lymphoma." Chicken flesh has carcinogens
but in addition eating a chicken who has the cancer called leukosis can transmit cancer to onsumer.

High protein diets acidify the body (cancer is an acidification disease), constipate, can cause bleeding ulcers, exhaust the kidneys. Humans are most related
to frugivorous primates, not carnivores.

Dr Anna Borek:
"The diameter of the penile artery is between 1-2mm; the coronary arteries 3-4mm; and the internal carotid artery is between 5-7mm wide.
This is why erectile dysfunction can be the first manifestation of systemic atherosclerosis."
Dr Michael Klaper, vegan, has lectured in several states about curing erectile dysfunction through
vegan diet which gradually releases the buildup of arterial cholesterol doctorklaper.com

Those who foster bees for the bees' sake as well as the planet's are very different from those who mass produce
insects in order to eat them, expanding the species harmed by killing human beings. The latter beat the protein drum while avoiding protein from nuts, seeds, beans, peas, etc. Even an apple has a few mg of protein.

It is vivisecting and other scientists not empaths who debate whether or not
insects feel pain. Parade Magazine reported research concluding that flies
feel 2 minutes of anger after escaping a swat attempt.
Those who feel anger can feel pain.

Fauci refuses to answer the question of Senator Roger Marshall of KS.

Nobel laureate David Baltimore seemed to settle the debate, decisively in favor of the theory that the virus was man-made before it escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
A feature of the virus’ genome known as the furin cleavage site “was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus,” Baltimore said.
Using virologists’ shorthand for the virus, SARS2, he continued: “These features make a powerful challenge to the idea of a natural origin for SARS2.”

It is time for trophy hunting to be outlawed and the serial killers of animals be required to
serve under constant supervision at animal sanctuaries. animalclock.org

Revealed: Hundreds of Saudi and Gulf personnel trained in Britain as war against Yemen continues.

Citing Israeli apartheid, 160 academics representing 21 countries call on the European Commission to stop funding Israeli universities middleeastmonitor.com

Injured bear cub rescued after being burned in California wildfire. How many billions of animals, birds,
reptiles burning to death in wildfires caused by drought from deforestation, climate change from fossil fuels

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