Millions in Hundreds Of Worldwide Cities Protest Israeli Violence

Palestine Solidarity

A partial list
In many cities of many countries massive protests in support of Palestine & against Netanyahu violence (180,000 in Hyde Park London): Rome & Milan Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, in UK Inverness and Edinburgh Scotland, London Brighton Manchester Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Southampton Northampton Newcastle Liverpool Cambridge Birmingham Leeds and Bradford, Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Oslo Norway, Auckland Christchurch, Dunedin Palmerston North Hamilton Whanganui Nelson and Wellington New Zealand, France, Spain, Malmö, Karlstad, Växjö and Karlskoga Stockholm and Gothenburg Sweden, Seoul S Korea, Bishkek Kyrgyzstan and in cities Rabat Morocco, Amman Jordan, Beirut Lebanon, Cape Town and Johannesburg S Africa, Toronto Winnipeg Ottawa and Montreal Canada, Munich Berlin and Mannheim Germany, Nairobi Kenya, and Kuwait City Kuwait, Cork Galway and Dublin Ireland, Kashmir India, Sanaa Yemen, Jakarta Solo and Bandung, Indonesia, Chaman Pakistan, etc. In US
NY, Phily, San Francisco, Atlanta, Palo Alto, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Milwaukee, Louisville,
DC, Dearborn
Israelis in Jerusalem protested outside Netanyahu residence and in Los Angeles Jewish American protest called for his resignation.

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