A Worthwhile Goal

Let Us MakeThis Change

If we do not do this,there will be no change, and according to all truthful date, the death of many is already assured. Found at Los Angeles Indymedia : Activist News


ust in case the link may not work. Here is what is said.

In America, it is that Md. Fauci, Md. For murderer, and the U.S. Government are the greatest child murder and child abuse machine in the country. Based on all the real facts of covid 19. They are not going to stop. That alone is reason enough to have Md. Fauci and the Federal United States Government officials murdered. Not one has taken a stand to stop this. The one who did, left politics. We are seeking exactly that, and are asking others around the world who hate this U.S. Government to assist us, our hope is that we the people of this world can and will establish a much better relationship with one another, one not based on governmental, or corporate greed. As cruel as that may sound, if we do not, the reality is, this U.S. Government and others will continue. Currently, their murders are going to be in effect for generations to come. If you have read any of the truths about all these covid 19 lies. The black and white data, that to which there has been and still are many attempts at keeping that information from all of us, you fully understand this. Our hope is that we assist each other and achieve this worthwhile goal.

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