What Can Destroy Enclosure?

The entire world now lives in a totalitarian capitalist police state. This system is more generally called Enclosure. It is far more repressive than life under feudalism was and ever could have been. What could possibly bring about the end of this epoch o

The answer and the power may well be within our reach, closer than it's ever been in human history; and it will not require violence or uncommon bravery on anyone's part. Let me explain...

Prior to the European Enclosure Movement, most Europeans lived on family farms; and in England in particular, these farms were referred to as Commons. For instance, 10 - 20 households, usually of related individuals, would work a piece of commonly owned land to provide for their subsistence and to sell at market. A yearly tax was paid to the feudal lords who supposedly "owned" these commons. However, these were the ancestral lands of the people who lived on them, making the "claim" of ownership by the ruling elite suspect. In any case, this was the basic economic relationship that was the foundation of feudalism. The enclosure movement was motivated by the ruling elite, when mechanised farming techniques reduced the need for laborers. These people were then "forced" off of their ancestral lands, requiring them to find work in the cities, at very low wages. This work was back-breaking, with little or no leisure time and required child-labor to meet the basic needs of the family. Children grew up uneducated, malnourished and deformed from this lifestyle. The name Enclosure originates from the fact that former farmers, from the Commons, were forced into and "concentrated" in the cities, which were and are nothing more than labor "concentration-camps" that existed and still exist for the sole purpose of creating wealth for the elite. The elite also prevented the return of the former peasant farmers to the land, or to nature in general, by hording it for themselves in private estates, and by conspiring with the state to turn any "excess" lands into fenced-off national parks or wildlife reserves, of one form or another. This "Enclosure" of the population in labor concentration camps, codified the "need" to work, just to maintain existance. Try going outside the area that you're allowed to be in and see if military reconnaisance doesn't come looking for you. Also, this is why your "community" vigilantes are so cruel and ruthless towards the homeless that are not part of their network of spies. They are also NOT paying RENT!

In Tanzania, try laying on the grass, anywhere in public, and undercover police will organise a "lynch mob" of Masai tribesmen to set you on fire with gasoline and beat you with sticks. The message is work, look busy, or "be killed." Just ask the head of their national security "Modestus Francis Pikilimba" if this isn't so. This IS what he told me. BTW, he personally visited me in my Hotel, my first night in “Kenya,” without invitation, after also interfereing with my attorney in Arusha, Mr. Nicodemus Mbugha. I’m pretty sure Kenya is NOT Tanzania and interfereing with my private attorney is a criminal act. Feel free to give “Modestus” my regards.


I've had a long time to think about this; and I think the answer has to do with this very land use. Let me explain. The elite have been complaining for decades about overpopulation and about there not being enough land to feed everyone. In fact they've gone out of their way to poison us all with fertility damaging chemicals. They've done this for a reason. THEY need to keep the population below a certain point to maintain their control and "closure" of the lands that they're preventing the rest-of-us from using. This land-closure allows them to keep “us” enclosed inside the labor camps, for subsistence wages, in meaningless and joyless lives. In fact the approach of a world population of 10 billion humans, by 2050, scares the hell out of them. Futher research indicates that they will be able to maintain the current system of Enclosure up to a world population of about 12 billion people. So let's turn the tables on them and BREED like there's no tommorrow. Ignore THEIR propaganda of sustainability and BREED BREED BREED. Let's put an end to this misery of human slavery, and the elite themselves, during our lifetimes. We can put an end to the elite and their police state NOW!!! BREED!!!

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