What remains after you're done America?

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Those of us wrongly targeted for death globally by fbi/cia/federal magistrate judges ,et al, leave an indelible & exclamatory
mark on world history: you, America, have eradicated for money power & sick idiology the very best of the human species. You reach around the world with psychopaths & assassins to torture and kill us arbitrarily and insanely.

I and many other Targets once believed in and defended you, but now your evil ways have gone too far.

May Providence forgive all who yet align with murderous fbi, cia & the abominable US Judiciary and pathetically cowardly Congress. For their crimes against humanity demand a response from the heavens for the human suffering and bad deaths imposed by today's America.

I am saddened beyond description by the filthy and bloodthirsty nature now evinced by the nation I served on the streets and in war on foreign soil.

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