Kalven raises questions

Hyde Park Herald

Investigative reporter Jamie Kalven of the Invisible Institute released a four-part series entitled “Code of Silence,” which is the result of a three-year investigation of the Chicago Police Department. Kalven’s article was published earlier this month through “The Intercept,” an online investigative reporting site dedicated to exposing corruption in the city.

“Two Chicago police officers uncovered a massive criminal enterprise within the department,” Kalven said about his three-year investigation. “Then they were hung out to dry.”

Kalven explained that the two whistleblowers, officers Shannon Spalding and Danny Echeverria, led a five-year joint investigation for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Chicago Police Department uncovering a massive criminal enterprise amongst corrupt police officers. During the investigation, Spalding and Echeverria were able to expose a heavy drug operation, led by gang tactical sergeant Ronald Watts, who operated a protection racket exchange program for ‘tax’ from drug dealers in public housing developments on Chicago’s South Side.


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