Black Lives Matter Chicago Statement on the Laquan McDonald protests

BLMChi (CIMC Repost)

11/25/2015 -On November 24, 2015, the Chicago Police Department violated protesters’ freedom to peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Black Lives Matter Chicago is honored to stand with Fearless Leading by the Youth, Black Youth Project 100, Assata's Daughters, #LetUsBreathe Collective and We Charge Genocide - grassroots organizations led by autonomous Young Black Chicagoans, yet veterans on the front lines in this Movement for Black Lives.

Upon the release of video footage capturing the horrendous murder of Laquan McDonald, by CPD officer Jason Van Dyke, we - as organized Black Chicagoans - took to our streets last night committed to holding public space for all Black Lives: our bodies, our voices, our hearts, our grief, our joy, our healing, our rage. The violence, derailments and arrests we endured in the process illustrate what we are up against, and why we must continue to love and protect each other in this work.

The demonstration was specifically designed to demonstrate our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Despite this, CPD targeted and harassed this peaceful and lawful assembly. This represents an ominous trend that threatens the democratic rights of everyone and is an attempt to stifle dissent. All defenders of democratic rights should join together to denounce these draconian acts by the Chicago Police Department.

We understand the recent judicial and City announcements - the 1st degree murder indictment of Officer Van Dyke, and the discharge recommendation for Detective Dante Servin - do not represent remedies for rare instances of "police misconduct", but reflect hard-won gains against the status quo, day-to-day, reality of policing; one that routinely results in abuse, brutality and death to us, and then works to protect officers who commit these unjustified acts of violence.

BLMChi continues to demand:
•The immediate discharge and pension revocation, and prosecution of Dante Servin, George Hernandez and Jason Van Dyke.
• The identification of Dakota Bright’s murderer.
• The immediate closing of Homan Square and all other unknown “black sites”.
• The upholding of our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

We Demand CPD immediately drop the charges of all arrested.

#LaquanMcDonald #16at17 #StopTheCops #FundBlackFutures

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