Of 42 Of The Causes Of Alzheimer's, The Worst Is Animal Protein's Homocysteine, Breaking Down Into Amyloid Plaque

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N L Bertsch
Science Daily reported that amyloid plaque clusters occur even in the brains of those in their 20's

More Than 3 Dozen Causes Of Alzheimer's Include Homocysteine, Amyloid Plaque, Prions
42 Causes Of Alzheimer's: Homocysteine In Meat And Fish, Amyloid Plaque, Prions, Aspartame in Diet Colas, Alcohol, Mercury Etc.

William Shakespeare in "Twelfth Night": "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit."

Amyloid plaque a product caused by the metaboism of the animal protein homocysteine from mammal, bird and fish protein is the major cause of Alzheimer's. Science Daily reported that amyloid plaque clumps are found even in the brains of those in the 20's. These clumps accumulate more each year of flesheating. *A

Homocysteine, uric acid, animal fat or cholesterol are intrinsic to all mammal, bird, and fish flesh. In addition mercury, lead, and many other metals are some of the many compounds present in meat and fish in many times greater amounts than in fruits and vegetables. They harm the brain and its memory function. Aluminum compounds and alcohol consumption as well cause loss of brain function. A number of brain diseases are lumped under the term Alzheimer's which is generally a deterioration of brain function through loss of memory and other cognitive skills.


1. The prime cause of Alzheimer's (senility, dementia) is the homocysteine protein in meat and fish, a protein breaking down to amyloid plaque which lines the arteries of the brain and other parts of the body causing hypoxia or deprivation of oxygen to the brain and other organs. The amino acid homocysteine occurs whenever meat and fish are metabolized by consumers. This is a product of the body’s methylation process. Link from British medial journal Lancet *1
2. The animal fat, cholesterol, found in animal flesh (meat), fish flesh, eggs, and dairy.. also lines the brain and other arteries. Brain and cardiac surgeons
must often cut through this white gluey substance to do their operations. Hypoxia, lethal stroke are some results.
3. The uric acid (trioxypurine or pre-urine) in the muscle cells of animals is stronger than caffein or dioxypurine. Besides its addictive qualities, it crystallizes in
needle formation around the joints causing arthritic pain and rigidity. Its crystals line the brain arteries as well.
4. The mercury present in all ocean fishes is a toxin which destroys memory. Some other toxic metal present in ocean fishes include zinc, nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt, cadmium, lead, magnesium, tin. Arsenic, a poisonous element, is also present in fish. All of these harm brain function as well as do thousands of poisonous chemicals discharged into the ocean from fertilizers, petroleum products, oil spills, medications excreted in urine, etc.
"Some metals, such as lead and mercury, easily cross the placenta and damage the fetal brain. Childhood exposure to some metals can result in learning difficulties, memory impairment, damage to the nervous system, and behavioral problems such as aggressiveness and hyperactivity. At higher doses, heavy metals can cause irreversible brain damage."
5. Heavy eaters of meat and fish have less fiber and less vitamin C in their diet.
Vitamin C is a bouncer of brain and other toxins. It also speeds the flow of signals across brain synapses. It is absent in meat, fish and dairy products.
6. The insecticides in nonorganic meat and fish have thousands of toxic side effects harming brain function.
7. Meat takes 3 to 4 hours to digest in the stomach, longer than any other food, while most fruits take the least time to digest. After a lion has sprinted to kill another
animal, he lies around for 3 days digesting his food. Meat diverts blood from the brain to the stomach.
8. Thiamin Mononitrate (called B1) is often derived from pig flesh and organ meats,
foods which cause diseases including those of brain function.
such as General Mills include it in flours such as Bisquick.
9. Many medications can destroy the myelin sheath, the protection around nerve cells.
Many cause tardive-dyskinesia, an uncontrollable shaking. *9
10. Many other medications cause brain seizures. *10
11. Many vaccines contain mercury which destroys memory.
12. Now more than ever the radioactive spills from Fukushima, which accumulate more daily, as well as those from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, atom bombs dropped on
Nagasaki and Hiroshima, atom and hydrogen bomb testing by the US in Nevada, by the French in Bikini, by the 9 nuclear weapon nations harm brain function. This
radiation is concentrated in fish flesh in many times the concentration in seawater.
13. Monosodium glutamate MSG is not intrinsic to meat but is put into the muscle flesh of meat to tenderize it. It also breaks down the brain's and other muscle and nerve tissue of humans eating the MSG meat.. it is called the Chinese restaurant headache cause, generating crippling migraine headaches. The FDA allows it in tens of thousands of varieties of canned food and meats under the deceptive label 'natural flavors'. *13
14. . Prions: the work of Nobel laureate Dr Stanley Prusiner was put on a back burner at Harvard, which is invested in the meat industry. He left and continued his prion research at Stanford. Prions are a cause of Mad Cow or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, cervine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Deer) etc. The USDA has been involved in censoring incidents of Mad Cow in the US.
Spongiform encephalopathy diseases gradually deteriorate the brain and spinal cord.
For many years the US unlike the UK has censored news of Mad Cow,
Mad Pig, Mad Deer, Mad Chicken, Mad Turkey, Mad Fish, Mad Milk etc. in US animals.
15. Stearates are added to some vitamin pills and break down brain and other cell walls *15 a *15b
16a. It is not just the flesh of fishes but fish oil supplements in polluted vitamin D and other supplements which harm the brain in ways such as memory loss from mercury and other heavy metals. 16b. Poisonous mercury is also in vaccines.
17. Gelatin and gelcaps are made from the powder of mammal bones and can contain many poisons from Mad Cow and other spongiform encephalopathy diseases to
radiation, hormone residue etc.
18. Tryptophan is an amino acid in meat and fish which makes people sleepy, interfering with brain function.
Recapping, vitamin pills can contain magnesium stearate, gelatin, fish oil, and thiamin mononitrate, all of which come from the cadavers of animals or fishes.
It is time for all corporations, grocery stores and chains, and restaurants selling food to be required to label items which are vegan or vegetarian
19. Coumadin, a drug which prevents blood clots but causes internal bleeding, was the primary ingredient in rat poisons, causing the mammals to bleed to death. It is now causing internal bleeding in the brain of many humans given the drug.
20. Sodium nitrate, the red dye food coloring in many meats such as hotdogs, sausage, bacon, and old meats, combined with animal protein forms the carcinogenic nitrosamines, linked to brain tumors and other cancers. *20
21. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, AIDS dementia, neurosyphilis are all diseases which can produce Alzheimer's type symptons. *21
22. Radiation therapy harms the brain causing memory problems etc. Ernest Johnson, MD, employed for 58 years at Ohio State Medical School, recommended avoiding radiation treatments. *22
Cooking meat at High Temperatures Forms Carcinogenic Heterocyclic Amines
Some carcinogens created by cooking animal and fish flesh over 300 degrees
are malonaldehyde and methylcholanthrene. Tumors can occur in the brain
with symptoms such as those in Alzheimer's. *23
24. Aspartame was originally banned by the US FDA. It was developed as an antkiller which would through artificial sweetness would attract ants to their deaths. Aspartame causes brain lesions, epilepsy, brain tumors, macular dystrophy of the eyes, as well as birth defects, cancer, diabetes *24 a, b, c
25. Listeria meningitis destroys brain cells and can be contracted by eating undercooked meat. There have been many meat recalls because of listeria in the US, Canada etc. *25 a b c
26. Limbic encephalitis one of whose causes is meat can destroy the hypocanthus, affecting the memory.
27. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine forrced on US soldiers in the post World War II years and pressured on travelers to certain countries can cause temperatures of up to 108 degrees with concomitant brain damage.
28. Mothers' consumptions of cured meats in pregnancy can cause pediatric brain tumors. *28
29. Many other brain tumors are correlated to meat consumption.
30. Research indicates that hatred can literally cut grooves in the hypocanthus. *30
31. Brain injuries from football, boxing and other contact sports as well as from fighting can often have longterm effects
32. Studies have indicated a link between regular meat consumption and alcohol consumption, the one being very concentrated or yang, while the other is the opposite or yin. Eliminating meat reduces greatly the desire for alcohol was the research conclusion of General John Booth.
33. Dr Samuel Epstein testified before Congress that charcoal barbecues of meat create the carcinogen benzopyrene. Brain tumors are one effect. Other cancers also. *33
34. Eating food laced with bisphenol out of tin cans is also dangerous.
35. Drinking water from plastic bottles with bisphneol is harmful to the brain. BPA leaches into foods. Glass containers rather than plastic should be used in microwaves *35
36. Insomnia is one factor.
37. The dangers of BPA, bisphenol.
"According to the FDA, 17% of the American diet comes out of cans, and many of those have an epoxy liner
made with Bisphenol A, a chemical which can mimic human estrogen
and which is linked to breast cancer and early puberty in women
While the leaching of BPA from Nalgene water bottles and other polycarbonate bottles is a concern, the danger from canned food may be greater."


38. Even a small amount of alcohol destroys brain cells. A few drinks can cause
slurred speech, falls. Alcoholism causes delirium tremens.

a. Aluminum compounds in baking powder and as an additive in some flours. Some of these are
sodium aluminium sulfate, sodium aluminum phosphate, and sodium acid pyrophosphate.
b. Aluminum in cookware
c. Aluminum in aluminum foil often used in baking.
d. Aluminum in chemtrails
e. Aluminum in deodorants
f. Workers making the new compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFL's) as well as many other workers are exposed
to heavy metals, mercury, radiation.

Pollution of the environment with poisonous chemicals, hormones, oil spills etc. affects the body in a variety of ways.

Human waste dumped into the ocean from some cities around the world, heavy metals, insecticides, fertilizers, factory farm effluents, thousands of kinds of chemicals, petroleum spills etc.


The aforementioned aluminum chemtrails, car gas emissions, factory pollutants etc


Radiation, insecticides, fertilizers etc.

Despite what fish corporations' puppets say, fish is not brain food. It's brain destroying food.

Elimination of meat, fish, dairy, alcohol, aluminum sources can gradually heal the brain. Again, Vitamin C is excellent for
speeding the flow of nerve signals across brain synapses.

Links amplifying this article are from Physicians For Social Responsibility, GeoengineeringWatch, BrainSpinalCord Dot Org
Natural News, Science Direct, Epilepsy etc. MedicalDictionary, etc.

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See also:

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revised March 3, 2015






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