#BlackLivesMatter protests, die-ins, marches sweep Chicago


#blacklivesmatterChicagoans have taken to the streets to protest the effective acquittal of police officers in Ferguson, Missouri (in the Michael Brown case) and New York City (the Eric Garner case).

On November 24, 2014, after the grand jury formally declined to indict police in the death of Michael Brown, protesters took to the streets across America. In Chicago, activists marched from Chicago police headquarters to downtown Chicago taking over Lake Shore Drive en route. On November 25, activists occupied City Hall. Then when mass arrests appeared imminent, the occupiers abruptly left to march to Tribune Plaza.

On December 4, 2014, another grand jury declined to indict police in the recorded choking death of Eric Garner, resulting in another wave of protests across America. In Chicago, activists launched waves of sit-in protests and blocked traffic on Lake Shore Drive in both directions.

The protests continued on December 13, 2014, with another wave of protest called MillionsMarch that saw considerable numbers. The Chicago protest -- MillionsMarchChi -- took over downtown Chicago with marches and die-ins; police repression followed, with about two dozen arrests -- including two on felony charges.

The protests are poised to continue and even escalate, with a number already scheduled for the week of December 15, 2014. Commentators are noting that the protests have put the national police apparatus in a crisis of legitimacy, which in a historic "critical juncture" may lay the groundwork for dramatic changes.

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