Is Facebook working with Chicago cops to block you from posting about protests?


They know when you are sleeping...From the newswire - The blog of the website Privacy SOS featured a blogpost headlined "Is Facebook going to let cops block you from posting about protests?", with a particular focus on the Chicago police. Quoting from the post:

"Independent journalist Kenneth Lipp attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference [the week of October 24, 2013] in [Philadelphia]. Among the disturbing things he learned there is that Facebook is apparently teaming up with the Chicago Police Department to block people from posting to the social media website. More disturbing still is that this was disclosed in the context of a panel on law enforcement's response to "mass gatherings spurred by social media.""

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Additional Links: Privacy SOS: "Is Facebook going to let cops block you from posting about protests?" | Kenneth Lipp: "Police Departments Works to Expand Capability to 'Shut Down' Social Media"

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