Press Release: Workers Occupying Former Republic Windows Factory



Mark Meinster, UE (United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America) / 773-405-3022 /
Leah Fried, UE (United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America) / 773-550-3022 /

50 Workers Occupying Former Republic Windows Factory
Workers Vow to Stay to Fight for Their Jobs and Win Justice

WHAT: 50 Chicago Workers Occupying Factory
WHERE: Serious Energy, 1333 N. Hickory (1 block north of Division, 3 blocks west of Halsted)
WHO: Members of UE Local 1110 (United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America)
WHEN: Currently / As Long as It Takes
WHY: To Save Jobs, Win Justice

CHICAGO--50 workers are staging an occupation of Serious Materials, the same Goose Island factory made famous in 2008 when it was owned by Republic Windows and Doors and occupied by workers who were left hanging when the company's owners closed down without informing the workers or giving them their final paychecks.

In 2008, workers at Republic Windows and Doors occupied their factory for six days and won $1.75 million in wages and benefits owed to them from Bank of America. In 2009 the factory was purchased by Serious Energy, a green window company. This morning (Thursday, February 23, 2012), Serious Energy informed the workers that their window factory in Chicago would close effective today. The company said there is no longer manufacturing taking place and they plan to dismantle production immediately.

Workers demanded a chance to save these jobs and find a buyer or purchase the factory themselves and start a worker-run enterprise. Serious Energy refused. That same day workers voted to once again occupy their factory to win justice and jobs. While negotiations between the workers of UE Local 1110 and Serious Energy continue, workers have vowed to occupy just as they did in 2008.

Follow the occupation on Twitter at #SeriousOccupation


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