Chicago Teachers Union strike ends, but concerns remain


A lesson you'll never forget...On Tuesday, September 18th, the Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates voted 98 percent to 2 percent to end its nine-day-long strike, the first CTU strike in 25 years. The proposed deal includes a marked salary increase for teachers and the right for teachers to make their own lesson plans. The deal also excludes the threatened elimination of merit pay, lanes (achievement for advanced degrees) and steps (achievement for experience). When asked on Democracy Now! if the CTU won this strike, CTU president Karen Lewis responded: "Absolutely".

And yet, concerns remain over the public education in Chicago, over the detailed language in the deal will actually remain, over the corporatization and neoliberalization of public education in Chicago, and over attempts to break the union. Meanwhile, American schools remain largely segregated on racial and economic lines, and the Rahm "strike is over" television advertisement was paid for by an anti-teachers-union group.

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