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Libyan Violence and Instability

Libyan Violence and Instability - by Stephen Lendman

NATO's killing machine ravaged a nonbelligerent country posing no threat. Tyranny replaced Jamahiriya government. Violence followed stability.

On January 3, Middle East Online contributor Jay Deshnukh headlined, "Ex-rebels' war for money, power: Fierce clashes erupt in Tripoli," saying:

In central Tripoli, fighting claimed two lives as "former rebels from....Misurata clashed with....ex-fighters from the Libyan capital, witnesses said."

Heavy gunfire was exchanged in broad daylight "between Zawiyah and Al-Saidi streets near a" Gaddafi regime intelligence headquarters building.

Neighborhood sections were "surrounded by hundreds of (heavily armed) rebels."

Throughout Tripoli, militia brigades control former government buildings. Their presence challenges Western-installed Transitional National Council (NTC) figures. Abdul Hakim Belhadj led them until he left to join Syrian insurgents.

On January 4, contributor Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey headlined, "Libya latest news: Chaos," saying:

Major media scoundrels are largely silent about ongoing violence and conflict. "Credible sources" report "utter chaos." Rebel faction clashes continue. Internal dissension affects TNC unity. Libya's in disarray.

In December, rebel groups clashed in Tripoli and at Mitiga air base. Misurata and Benghazi skirmishes erupted. Bani Walid tribes headed for Tripoli. "Strong fights among groups of terrorists and Libyan Green Resistance (Jamahiriya forces)" continue.

Zintan militia fighters and Green Resistance elements battled "Al Qaeda Bel Haj militia...." They hold Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captive. They won't release him to International Criminal Court (ICC) custody because it has no jurisdiction in Libya.

"Racist NTC/NATO terrorist forces destroy(ed) a Taourga cemetery." Green flags fly "everywhere" in Al-Zawiyah. They're also visible throughout Sabha, Gharyan, Tarhouna, and Ghadames.

"NATO knows that the people of Libya do not accept their criminal terrorist forces as 'Government.' " Green Resistance and Jamahiriya militia attacked insurgent terrorists.

On January 5, Algeria ISP headlined, "New Resistance green opposition," saying:

Clashes erupted in Tripoli's El Islami district. Warchfana resistance fighters contested Misurata rebels. "At Mazda, the fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya destroyed the headquarters of the local" NTC council.

Misurata rebels shelled Zliten with "heavy artillery." Resistance fighters defend the city.

On January 4, New York Times writer David Goodman headlined, "Libyan Leader Says Militia Clashes Could Create Civil War," saying:

Western-installed TNC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil "bluntly warned late Tuesday that the government faced 'bitter options' as it struggled to rein in thousands of fighters who joined regional militias" during months of fighting.

Many now remain in Tripoli. They won't disarm and claim interests to protect. Clashes across Libya continue.

In January, South Africa's UN ambassador Baso Sangqu, serving as rotating Security Council president, wants Libyan human rights abuses investigated, including NATO ones.

"They were supposed to be precision strikes," he said, "but it was clear that those were not that precise."

NATO lied saying it operated carefully. In fact, civilians were willfully targeted. Massacres occurred. Well over 100,000 died, and multiples more were injured, many seriously.

Depleted and enriched uranium weapons were used. So were other terror ones. The overall toll of death and destruction was horrendous.

"A recent on-the-ground examination by The New York Times of airstrike sites found credible evidence of dozens of civilians killed."

In fact, many thousands died. Times correspondents ignored them during fighting, even though they witnessed after actions results.

Moreover, before NATO intervened, Libyans enjoyed peace and prosperity. Jamahiriya benefits are gone. They're resisting to restore them. As a result, protracted struggle continues to end TNC rule, occupation and rebel rat infestations.

In addition, thousands of Gaddafi loyalists are detained. At least, 7,000 are incarcerated under horrific conditions. However, according to the Committee for Justice for the Disappeared, militia forces secretly hold over 35,000.

Suspected Gaddafi loyalists are targeted, abducted, and either killed or imprisoned. TNC officials and NATO aren't stopping them. As a result, tribes are arming in self-defense. What's ahead isn't clear, but greater civil conflict is likely to restore Jamihiriya government.

Former French Foreign Minister Revelations

Former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas and anti-colonialist lawyer Jacques Verges' new book is titled, "Sarkozy Sous BHL." It reveals French military crimes in Libya.

It holds Nicolas Sarkozy criminally responsible for bombing Libyan cities, including civilian targets, vital infrastructure, and cultural treasures.

It exposes NATO's lie about precision bombing with few civilian casualties. It also discussed earlier French relations with Gaddafi, beginning in 1983.

As a parliamentary member, Dumas was sent secretly to establish good Libyan - French relations. In 1985, America intervened to convince France that Gaddafi had chemical weapons threatening Western interests.

For years, France objected to US aggression. Under Sarkozy, policy changed. Dumas said war was planned long before last February. Today, Syria and Iran are prime targets. Plans are in place to attack them.

Dumas, Verges, and other lawyers sued Sarkozy for war crimes. The case remains ongoing.

A Final Comment

On December 31, Mathaba headlined, "Muammar Gaddafi Voted As Human Rights Hero of the Year," saying:

In an Amnesty International USA poll, Gaddafi leads others as voting continues. Until Washington and NATO blocked its approval, the UN Human Rights Council praised Gaddafi in its January 2011 "Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Libya Arab Jamahiriya."

It said his government protected "not only political rights, but also economic, educational, social and cultural rights." It also lauded his treatment of religious minorities, and "human rights training" of its security forces.

NATO's killing machine destroyed 42 years of achievements, benefitting all Libyans. Gaddafi's vision marked him for removal.

If Western nations matched him, imperial wars would end. So would homelessness, hunger and human deprivation. Instead, "new world order" imperialists want super-wealth and power solely for themselves.

Libya was one of many targets. Others will follow to extinguish freedom everywhere if they succeed.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen (at)

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.                                  



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