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Protestors Occupy Chicago in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St NY

Hopefully by now everyone has heard about Occupy Wall St where 1000's of people have been camped out in NYC for 10 days (as of this writing) in protest of corporations controlling our government. What you may not know is that Chicago has it's own protest standing in solidarity with our brethren in NYC.
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If you haven't heard of either don't feel too bad it seems the major media outlets have refused to cover this huge protest in NYC. The streets are flooded with people from all walks of life that have had enough. The 99% has risen up to take on the 1% that control our government.

If you're in Chicago and want to join the activity Occupy Chicago is camped out at LaSalle and Jackson (in front of The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago). They've been there for 4 days (as of this writing) and have no plans of leaving until things are fixed. Occupy Chicago stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall St and the various other protests starting up all over the country.

Join Occupy Chicago today and help take our country back.

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