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IVAW member Derek Giffin on Walker's threat to use the National Guard

IVAW member Derek Giffin speaks about Gov. Scott Walker's threat to use the National Guard against unions in Madison should they decide to strike
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IVAW has called upon all National Guard troops of Wisconsin to refuse orders to deploy against workers there.

Walker has "briefed [the National Guard] and other state agencies in preparation of any problems that could result in a disruption of state services." (Assoc. Press)

If Walker's attacks push workers into a general strike (statewide or even nationally) then that would qualify as such a "disruption of state services".

Derek Giffin explains that National Guard troops are public sector workers just as the union employees are in this situation. And it would be a tragedy to see people on the same team asked to fight each other.

Watch the interview, recorded Sunday, February 27, 2011, at the occupied Wisconsin Capitol Building in Madison here.

Video of IVAW member Derek Giffin on Walker's threat to use the National Guard against workers

The conversation naturally flows into a discussion of the growing power of corporations over our government and lives. With Citizens United v. FEC., privatization of our military and government services, subsidized coal and oil industries and now Koch brothers control of Madison Governor Scott Walker, corporations have nearly all of the power.

So at issue is whether the people will have control of their government (known as democracy) or whether special interests will maintain control. Unions are one of the most important ways that people can fight back against corporate dominance.



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