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NU Students Demand Living Wage for Campus Workers

Northwestern Living Wage Campaign rallies hundreds of students and marches on President Shapiro's office in Evanston, IL February 24, 2010
Student activists rally in support of housekeeping and food services workers on the Northwestern University campus. Many of these sub-contracted people do not make a Living Wage. They take their petition to the office of President Shapiro.

Matther Fischler of the Northwestern Living Wage Campaign believes that the university can and should fund the living wage policy and that Northwestern can guarantee all of its workers a living wage without increased financial burden on students. TRT 4.04

Adrianna Hermosillo of the Northwestern Living Wage Campaign making the connections between students, workers and community. TRT 3.46

Tom Breitsprecher, Northwestern University food service worker of 31years gives some historical background of Worker/Student/University relationship. TRT 6.01

Northwestern VP of University Relations Alan Cubbage comments on the third party relationship of NU to negotiated collective bargaining agreements between food service and housekeeping workers, their unions and the subcontractors on campus. TRT 3.13

UNITEHERE Organizing Director of Local One Chicago, Lew Weeks, draws historical parallel between Living Wage Campaign at Northwestern and the labor struggle at Harvard in the 1980's. TRT 2.36

Lead Cook Rafael Marquez addresses the students and states it's time for the students to teach the administration of Northwestern a lesson in social justice and uphold a living wage for those working on campus. TRT 2.46



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