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Details on Vigil at Republic Windows factory occupation

Clergy and community to hold prayer vigil for workers occupying Republic Windows Factory
WHO: Clergy and Community Members with workers occupying plant

WHERE: Republic Windows, 1333 N Hickory Ave (on Goose Island , near Division and Halsted) WHEN: Saturday, December 6 at 12:00 noon

The Chicago Interfaith Committee on Worker Issues is holding a prayer rally for the 200 workers who have been told that their plant is closing but have not been properly paid by the guidelines set forth in the WARN Act. It is estimated that the workers are owed $1,000,000.

On Wednesday the workers, members of the United Electrical Workers union, protested outside of Bank of America in downtown Chicago , chanting, “You got bailed out, we got sold out.” With Republic Windows not able to pay its workers, Bank of America apparently now owns the plant, filled with inventory and expensive equipment. The workers insist that they get paid before the assets are removed from the expansive plant.

As a sign of solidarity with the workers, religious and community leaders will lead prayers and speak about the workers’ rights to just compensation and fair treatment in the midst of these harsh economic times.

For Further Information:
Rev. CJ.. Hawking: 773-937-1824; cjhawking (at)
Adam Kader: 773-937-1826; akader (at)



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