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Open University of the Left presents Prof. Peter Kirstein, Thursday, November 17

Open University of the Left presents Professor Peter Kirstein of St. Xavier University speaking on "The American Empire: A Threat to Free Speech," Thursday, November 17, at 7 PM. Professor Kirstein teaches history at St. Xavier and is a nationally known expert on war, academic freedom and dissent. He has published a monograph and numerous scholarly articles. He has also lectured nationally on the right of dissent, his own personal battles for academic freedom, and the rights of professors to engage in unpopular and provocative antiwar protest. Kirstein will discuss the impact of war on civil liberties. He will examine the discrepancy between putative war aims to spread democracy and freedom abroad and the devastaing impact of war on democracy at home. He will also discuss his own case and the repression of other antiwar professors.
After his talk he will engage the audience in discussion.
The program takes place at Acme Arts Complex, 1741 N. Western at St. Paul. Street parking is available on either side of Western as well as on nearby side streets. $5 donation if you have it; more if you're willing; no one turned away.



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