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What's a podcast?

A podcast is a way to automatically syndicate digital audio and video content through the internet. You can use an iPod to get a podcast (indeed, that's the source of the medium's name), but you can also view or hear podcasts by other means.

Is Chicago Indymedia's content podcast?

Yes. Both Chicago Indymedia's monthly radio and TV series — From The Trenches and Chicago Independent Television — are available as podcasts.

How can someone get Chicago Indymedia's podcasts?

You need two things: the respective radio or TV feed, and a podcast reader.

(1) The feeds:

Here is the feed for From The Trenches

Here is the feed for Chicago Independent Television

(2) Podcast readers.

There are many readers. Perhaps the best known is iTunes, but others include the following:

Miro Internet TV
Google Reader

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