Chicago Indymedia archive -- Features (2002 - 2012)

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LOCAL: ARAB-AMERICAN COMMUNITY CENTER DAMAGED: An arson fire badly damaged an Arab-American community Center; Chicago Anti-War Coalition organizes emergency benefit 24 Jan 2002
GLOBAL/NATIONAL: WEF PROTESTS: Thousands Protest WEF Meeting in NYC 03 Feb 2002
Protesters rally to support Muslim community leader 24 Jan 2002
NATIONAL: THE USA-PATRIOT ACT: Congress and the White House say goodbye to the Bill of Rights 24 Jan 2002
LABOR: STRIKERS DEMAND JUSTICE FROM GRINCH: Strikers demand justice from Grinch 24 Jan 2002
Chicago acts in solidarity with Argentina 24 Jan 2002
WEF PROTESTS: DAY FOUR: New York Police Attack Anti-Capitalist March 03 Feb 2002
A19-22 PROTESTS: Thousands organizing to protest in Washington this weekend 16 Apr 2002
LOCAL HOUSING STRUGGLES: Housing Activists Tackle CHA Board 20 Feb 2002
LABOR SOLIDARITY: Midwest Regional Convergence to Support Taco Bell Truth Tour 28 Feb 2002
MEDIA: Chicago Police to enforce regressive credentialing measure 09 Mar 2002
LOCAL ACTIONS: 'Chorus of Dissent' Greets Bush at St. Pat's Parade 17 Mar 2002
CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Court postpones hearing for death row inmate 26 Mar 2002
PALESTINE SOLIDARITY/CHICAGO: Five thousand march in Chicago for Palestine 06 Apr 2002
IMC-PALESTINE: Israel Escalates War - Palestinians Continue to Resist 02 Apr 2002
CHICAGO SUPPORTS PALESTINE: Over 1,000 Chicagoans protest Israel's war on Palestinians 02 Apr 2002
VENEZUELA: Coup reversed, Chavez returns to presidency in Venezuela 14 Apr 2002
DC PROTESTS: Tens of thousands take to DC streets; mainstream press takes no notice 20 Apr 2002
DC: MONDAY A22: Palestine Solidarity Actions Conclude Weekend of Protest 22 Apr 2002
MAYDAY: Carnival Against Capitalism Celebrates Chicago as Birthplace of Mayday 27 Apr 2002
LOCAL MEDIA: Local Cable Giant Refuses to Pay up 19 May 2002
GLOBAL DESK: Battle to win justice for murdered campesinos continues 20 May 2002
CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Gay-bashing victim wins settlement, but officers will not be prosecuted 07 Jun 2002
MIDWEST: UPDATE!: Mayors, Corporate Lobbyists Party Behind Closed Doors While Cops Put Down Public Protest 16 Jun 2002
REGIONAL: Chicago IMC reporter released from jail, but legal fiasco continues 21 Jun 2002
Housing: Juneteenth rally defends the rights of communities to remain 21 Jun 2002
INS DETENTIONS: Palestine Solidarity Activist Released, but Others Languish in Jail 23 Jun 2002
LOCAL ACTIONS: Weekend Actions Will Oppose War, Racism and Corporate Globalization 28 Jun 2002
HOUSING: Protesters Hit Household International Executives' Homes 01 Jul 2002
MIDDLE EAST: Human Rights Attorney Allegra Pacheco: 01 Jul 2002
WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Weekly News Roundup...from CIMC correspondents and contributors 05 Jul 2002
CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Judge Denies New Trial to Police Torture Victim 09 Jul 2002
IN MEMORIUM: Chicago Mourns Death of Legendary Blues Artist, Activist Jimmie Lee Robinson 11 Jul 2002
SOA TRIALS: Two Chicagoans Slapped with Six Month Prison Sentence for School of Americas Protest 14 Jul 2002
LOCAL: IMC FILM SCREENING: New Documentary Films Chronicle Israel�s War on Palestine 22 Jul 2002
LOCAL: HOUSING: Downtown Affordable Housing Protest Draws Over 1,000 31 Jul 2002
LOCAL: LABOR RIGHTS: Hotel Workers Vote to Strike for Living Wage, Decent Benefits 13 Aug 2002
LOCAL: LABOR: Community support, empowered workers drive union victory 13 Sep 2002
LOCAL: PALESTINE: New Palestine Documentary Kicks Off Educational Forums on Middle East Conflict 15 Sep 2002
ANTI-WAR UPDATE: US House and Senate Capitulate to Bush and Vote for War on Iraq 05 Oct 2002
NATIONAL: IMF/WB PROTEST UPDATE: Chicago Cops Join Police Repression During DC IMF/WB Protests 28 Sep 2002
WASHINGTON, DC: Sept 25-30: Global Justice Movement Mobilizes Against IMF - WB and War in Iraq 24 Sep 2002
LOCAL: PEACE PROTEST: Hundreds of Parishioners Rally to Oppose Iraq War 25 Sep 2002
GLOBAL: CHIAPAS: Government Complicity Fuels New Attacks On Indigenous Villagers 30 Sep 2002
LOCAL: MEDIA: Chicago Media Watch PAC To Hold Halloween-Themed Tour of Downtown Chicago Opposing FCC Rule Changes 04 Oct 2002
TABD PROTEST: Protests Against TABD in Chicago! November 7-8, 2002 22 Oct 2002
ANTI-WAR PROTESTS - UPDATE: October 26: Hundreds of Thousands Protest Impending War on Iraq - 4000 March in Chicago 27 Oct 2002
LOCAL: POLICE BRUTALITY: Cops Hit With $2 Million Judgment For Attack On Gay Man 03 Nov 2002
TABD PROTESTS: Framing the TABD Protests 07 Nov 2002
TABD PROTESTS: Actions against Corporate Vampires 08 Nov 2002
ANTI-WAR: As Attack on Iraq Looms, Chicagoans Get Disobedient 10 Dec 2002
LOCAL: ENVIRONMENT: Little Village Residents Demand that Daley Pass Anti-Pollution Law 12 Dec 2002
PEACE AND JUSTICE: Faithful Gather for Ecumenical Vigil and Candlelight Procession For Peace 17 Dec 2002
CHICAGO LABOR: As Holiday Season Arrives, Azteca Strike Enters 13th Week 21 Dec 2002
CIVIL LIBERTIES: Jan. 10: Human Rights, Community Groups to Protest INS 'Special' Registration , Possible Detentions 07 Jan 2003
EMERGENCY PROTEST: Jan. 7: Bush to Lunch with City Fat Cats - Local Peace and Justice Groups Vow to Deliver a 'Chicago' Reception 06 Jan 2003
LOCAL: ANTI-WAR: January 11 Regional Emergency Mobilization: No War On Iraq! 08 Jan 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Chicagoans Brave Deep Freeze to Protest War on Iraq 13 Jan 2003
CRIIMINAL INJUSTICE: Fight is Just Beginning, Says Pardoned Death Row Inmate 14 Jan 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: City Council Anti-War Resolution 18 Jan 2003
GLOBAL ANTI-WAR: J-18: Hundreds of Thousands Protest War on Iraq in DC, San Francisco and around the World 20 Jan 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Neighbors for Peace Do Rush Hour on the Edens Expressway 06 Feb 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Chicago Peace Activists Step Up Direct Action Against War on Iraq 05 Feb 2003
UPDATE: CHICAGO'S WAR PROFITEERS: Chicago Advertising Giant Leo Burnett USA Branded as War Profiteer -- Two Arrested at Downtown Protest 20 Feb 2003
GLOBAL ANTI-WAR: F-15: A Global Day of Resistance Against Bush's War on Iraq 12 Feb 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: March 5: Area Schools to Stage Teach-Ins, Walkouts Against Iraq War -- Convergence at Federal Plaza 04 Mar 2003
LOCAL ANTIWAR: Chicago: Thousands Protest Against War and Repression 16 Feb 2003
LOCAL: CIVIL LIBERTIES: Family, Friends to Rally for Chicago Men Charged With Terrorism 23 Feb 2003
CIVIL LIBERTIES: Irish Activist Bernadette Devlin McAliskey Barred Entry into U.S. at Chicago's O'Hare Airport 23 Feb 2003
LOCAL: CULTURAL RESISTANCE: March 2-3: Lysistrata - A Worldwide Act of Theatrical Dissent - Comes to Chicago 28 Feb 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR : BREAKING NEWS: Peace Activists Lock Down Boeing Headquarters to Oppose War Profiteering 13 Mar 2003
CHICAGO INDYMEDIA BENEFIT: March 21: Video Resistance...Benefit for Chicago Indymedia 15 Mar 2003
COUNTDOWN TO WAR: Peace Groups Call for Mass Non-Violent Civil Disobedience to Oppose Iraq War 18 Mar 2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Weekend Anti-War Protests 18 Mar 2003
EMERGENCY RESPONSE IN EFFECT: WAR BEGINS: Chicago Launches Emergency Anti-War Response 19 Mar 2003
NEWSWIRE INDEX: M20 Protest Articles 21 Mar 2003
CHICAGO RESISTS THE WAR: M-20: Chicagoans Take Anti-War Resistance into the Streets - Hundreds Arrested 25 Mar 2003
M 21-22: CHICAGO PROTESTS CONTINUE: Emergency Anti-War Protests Continue throughout the Weekend 25 Mar 2003
MEDIA OWNERSHIP ROLLBACK: FCC Chair Eyes June 2 Vote to Destroy Last Ownership Regulations on Media as Chicago Hosts Public Forum on Media Ownership 28 Mar 2003
CIVIL LIBERTIES - 1968 REDUX?: M-20 Lawsuit Charges Anti-War Protesters Beaten, Denied Basic Rights by Chicago Police 11 Apr 2003
CHICAGO INDYMEDIA BENEFIT: Friday, April 25 : Video Resistance...Benefit for Chicago Indymedia 20 Apr 2003
CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Judge Accuses City Of Lying in Police Brutality Cover-Up 26 Apr 2003
CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY: Protesters Disrupt Boeing Shareholders' Meeting For War Profiteering 29 Apr 2003
M-1: INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY: Remembering Haymarket: May 1st is Our Day 30 Apr 2003
CULTURAL REPRESSION: HotHouse Shut Down by CPD -- Prior to Performance of Cuban band 'Orquesta Aragon' 10 May 2003
POLICE BRUTALITY: City GUILTY of Covering Up Criminal Police Violence - $1 Million Verdict in Federal Court 05 May 2003
CIVIL LIBERTIES: Evanston Adopts Resolution Against USA PATRIOT Act 20 May 2003
POLICE REPRESSION: Police Repression in St. Louis 16 May 2003
CAMPUS ACTIVITY: Campuses Stand Up to War and Racism 21 May 2003
CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Tuesday Hearing to Scrutinize M20 Police Violence 16 Jun 2003
LOCAL: WORKERS' RIGHTS: Chicago Day Laborers Vow to Defy July 1 Deadline to Vacate Workers' Assembly Site 29 Jun 2003
INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY: J-5: Chicago Day of Action for Palestine 07 Jun 2003
LOCAL: Chicagoans Mourn Housing Activist Rene Maxwell 04 Jun 2003
LGBT LIBERATION: Chicago Activists Mobilize Around Upcoming Supreme Court Decision Critical to Gay Rights 14 Jun 2003
HUMAN RIGHTS: Chicago's LGBT Community Celebrates Supreme Court Victory 28 Jun 2003
LOCAL MEDIA BENEFIT: Local Independent Media Groups Organize Fourth of July Celebration called \"We, the Media\" 01 Jul 2003
GLOBAL JUSTICE: Chicago Snubbed As 2004 G8 Host; Coastline Georgia Resort Chosen Instead 16 Jul 2003
LOCAL: GLOBAL PEACE: 30 City Aldermen Pressure White House for Iraqi War Evidence 18 Jul 2003
LOCAL: CULTURE JAMMING: Saturday, July 19: Video Resistance -- Indy Film Screening/Roundtable Forum 18 Jul 2003
CHICAGO LABOR: Congress Hotel Workers' Strike Enters Seventh Week 20 Jul 2003
CHICAGO: BIKE ACTIVISM: July 25 - Chicago's First 1000-Rider Critical Mass!! 29 Jul 2003
LOCAL: CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Cop Trial Exposes Police Violence 28 Jul 2003
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Benton Harbor: Uprising, Intifada, Continuing Efforts for Social and Economic Justice 01 Aug 2003
CHICAGO: LABOR RIGHTS: Rank-and-file workers to challenge AFL-CIO executive council in Chicago 03 Aug 2003
LOCAL: CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Cop, City of Chicago Found Guilty for 1998 Murder, Fined $1.5 Million 07 Aug 2003
LOCAL: IMMIGRANT RIGHTS: Fifteen hundred rally to support immigrants, striking Congress workers 10 Aug 2003
LOCAL: GRASSROOTS MEDIA FESTIVAL!: Grassroots Media Festival, a benefit for the Working Bikes Cooperative and Ritual Multimedia 14 Aug 2003
LOCAL: CHICAGOANS AGAINST THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ: CCAWR calls for Rally and March Against the Occupation of Iraq 17 Aug 2003
LOCAL: POLICE REPRESSION: Chicago Police Shut Down Albany Park Workers Center, Destroy Shelter 26 Aug 2003
CHICAGO LABOR: Striking Congress Hotel Workers Arrested in Labor Day Civil Disobedience 01 Sep 2003
CIVIL LIBERTIES, TECH, ENVIRONMENT: Symposium on Major New Surveillance Technology Faces Protest, ACLU-Led Lawsuit 14 Sep 2003
GLOBAL JUSTICE: From Cancun to Miami - The Battle for Global Justice Heats Up. 20 Sep 2003
CIVIL LIBERTIES: S 25: Chicago City Council To Hold Hearings on Civil Liberties Resolution 23 Sep 2003
GLOBAL: FREEDOM FIGHTER: In Memoriam: Edward Said, passionate voice for Palestinians 25 Sep 2003
LOCAL; IMMIGRANT RIGHTS: Chicago Sends Off Freedom Riders for Immigrant Rights 25 Sep 2003
LOCAL: WORKERS' RIGHTS: Friends of the Albany Park Day Laborers Form Day Labor Watch 26 Sep 2003
LOCAL: CHICAGO PROTESTS BUSH FUNDRAISER: Bush Gets Served During Chicago Shakedown Lunch 30 Sep 2003
LOCAL: CIVIL LIBERTIES: Good and Bad News: Chicago City Council Passes Diluted Resolution Against USA Patriot Act 07 Oct 2003
LOCAL: LABOR MEDIA: Media Democracy Day to Feature Two Days of Labor Activism and Media Training 10 Oct 2003
LOCAL: CIVIL LIBERTIES, ANTIWAR: Case against Chicago Activist Grant Newburger Dismissed 14 Oct 2003
INSURRECTION IN BOLIVIA: The Resistance Intensifies - 'Que Se Vayan Todos' 16 Oct 2003
END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ: O-25: Chicago Mobilizes for Massive Anti-War Protests in DC 23 Oct 2003
LOCAL: ENVIRONMENT: Pilsen Greens Document Massive Pollution at H. Kramer 03 Nov 2003
LOCAL: CULTURE JAMMING: CIMC Photo Exhibit Celebrates Grassroots Resistance 04 Nov 2003
MEDIA CONFERENCE(S): Chicago Takes Part in Madison Media Conference(s) 10 Nov 2003
MIAMI FTAA: Global Justice Movement Gears Up for Miami FTAA Protests 16 Nov 2003
LOCAL: In Memoriam: Juancho Donahue 18 Nov 2003
MIAMI/FTAA: Police Repression Continues in Wake of Miami FTAA Ministerial 21 Nov 2003
CHICAGO/FTAA: Chicago Groups Issue Urgent Appeal for Bond Support 22 Nov 2003
MIAMI/FTAA: Jail Conditions Desperate As Police Repression Continues 23 Nov 2003
FTAA: THE BATTLE OF MIAMI: Miami Arrestees Bonded Out, Amnesty International, United Steelworkers Demand Investigation 28 Nov 2003
LOCAL: LABOR: AFSCME Local 3506 claims Unfair Labor Practice by City Colleges 05 Dec 2003
LOCAL / INTERNATIONAL: LABOR / HUMAN RIGHTS: Diverse coalition of activist groups rally against Coca-Cola 07 Dec 2003
LOCAL: WAR, BIOTECH: WMDs at UIC: University Lab Wins Record Grant To Work with Cipro-Resistant Anthrax Bioweaponry 07 Dec 2003
New Server, New Software 16 Dec 2003
Iraqi Women Visitors Warn of Civil War, Reveal Use of New Chemical Weapons in Gulf War II 20 Dec 2003
Wounded Palestine Solidarity Activist Brian Avery to Speak in Chicago 03 Jan 2004
A 2003 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 06 Jan 2004
A 2003 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 06 Jan 2004
A 2003 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 06 Jan 2004
News from the Underground, a festival of autonomous media 07 Jan 2004
Cook County's Sea of Corruption 24 Jan 2004
Kathy Kelly Sentenced to Three Month Prison Term for SOA Protest 27 Jan 2004
Chicago Community Broadcaster Caught in Funding Fight 04 Feb 2004
Plan B: Pink Bloque's post-Valentine's Day Dance Party Fundraiser 06 Feb 2004
Chicago Indymedia premieres television show 10 Feb 2004
Internal Audit Reveals Chicago Police Continue to Spy on Activist Groups 22 Feb 2004
Cable Commission Approves $1-Million-Per-Day Penalty Against Stingy Cable Company 23 Feb 2004
City Permission Not Necessary for March 20 Action, Charge Peace Activists 26 Feb 2004
Chicago Haitian Activists Protest U.S.- Backed Coup 02 Mar 2004
Equal Marriage Supporters Demand Licenses From County Clerk 05 Mar 2004
Education not Empire 07 Mar 2004
Official release of \"Where We Stood, Chicago's Resistance to the U.S. War on Iraq\" 08 Mar 2004
Chicago Gears Up For March 20 Protest On One-Year Anniversary of Iraq War 18 Mar 2004
Indy Rhythm 19 Mar 2004
March 20 coverage: Breaking Developments and Live Radio Webcast 20 Mar 2004
Thousands Turn Out for M-20 Anti-War Protest Despite Police Intimidation. 21 Mar 2004
Pilsen Residents Rally Against Gentrification 27 Mar 2004
well folks i didnt have to look far 29 Mar 2004
Illinois Faces Ongoing Nuclear Threat 06 Apr 2004
Help CIMC Send Photographer with Iraq Peace Delegation! 12 Apr 2004
Help CIMC Send Photographer with Iraq Peace Delegation! 12 Apr 2004
Help CIMC Send Photographer with Iraq Peace Delegation! 12 Apr 2004
Citywide Arts and Activism Festival Kicks Off 19 Apr 2004
County, City Try to Dodge Sweeping Violations In Fire That Killed Six 22 Apr 2004
Hundreds Converge in Peoria to Protest Caterpillar Bulldozer Sales to Israeli Occupation. 28 Apr 2004
Chicago Indymedia Video Collective - Season One 28 Apr 2004
The Time Will Come .. Chicago Celebrates May Day 01 May 2004
New City Ordinance Represents Now-Or-Never Flashpoint for Chicago Cable Access 11 May 2004
Chicago Equal Marriage Now Campaign Escalates with Banner Drop, Direct Action Lockdown 20 May 2004
UPDATE: Protesters Surround Police Board, Top Cop to Demand Justice for May Molina 26 May 2004
Youth Rally to Oppose Police Brutality and Racial Profiling 04 Jun 2004
Congress Hotel Strike Marks First Anniversary with Street Blockade, Arrests, Banner Drop, Massive Picket-Line 16 Jun 2004
Board of Education Opts for Gentrification- South and West Side Children, Communities Lose 23 Jun 2004
Antigay March Intrudes Upon Pro-Queer March, Three Pro-Queer Participants Arrested in Ensuing Confrontation; Emergency Support Actions Underway 27 Jun 2004
Taste of Democracy Goes Down Well With Crowds, But Cops Choke Off Free Speech. 01 Jul 2004
Chicago Indymedia to Premier New Documentaries, Video Skills Workshop 07 Jul 2004
Mikva Report on County Fire: Investigation or Coverup? 12 Jul 2004
July 18: Activists To Stage First International Disability Pride Parade in Chicago 12 Jul 2004
Study Says Elites, Fluff Dominates WTTW's \"Chicago Tonight\" 26 Jul 2004
Resistance Flourishes Amid Repression, Censorship at Boston Dem National Convention 29 Jul 2004
Woodlawn Community Residents Battle Land Grab 31 Jul 2004
Woodlawn Community Residents Battle Land Grab 31 Jul 2004
Poets Refuse To Be Censored During Chicago Poetry Fest 01 Aug 2004
Aaron Patterson, Mark Mannie, Isaiah Kitchen Charged On Gun/Drug Offenses 07 Aug 2004
Chicago Indymedia at the Grassroots Media Festival and the Chicago Underground Film Festival 17 Aug 2004
Tales of the RNC 23 Aug 2004
Former Police Commander Jon Burge Deposed in Civil Lawsuit 12 Sep 2004
Daley's Latest Scheme: A Massive Surveillance Camera Network in Chicago 26 Sep 2004
Help Save Senn High School!! 01 Oct 2004
Chicago Public Access TV wins crucial funding ordinance 01 Oct 2004
CTA Faces Budget Crisis - Service Cuts Underway 06 Oct 2004
Chicago Public Schools’ Plan to Turn Part of Senn High School Into a Naval Academy Fails 06 Oct 2004
CTA to Cut Services 06 Oct 2004
CTA to Cut Services 06 Oct 2004
Breaking News: FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers 07 Oct 2004
UPDATE: FBI Seizes Global Indymedia Servers: Reason Unknown 07 Oct 2004
Union Reformers Appeal for Public Support as Teamsters Gear Up to Count Ballots 11 Oct 2004
City College Workers, Supporters Gear Up For Possible Strike 14 Oct 2004
Breaking labor news: Local 743 Election Fight, Local 1600 Tuesday Strike 19 Oct 2004
Conference of Big Timber Fatcats Faces Protests, Direct Actions 20 Oct 2004
Activist DePaul Students Speak on Summer Delegations 27 Oct 2004
BE the media! Chicago Indymedia Radio Reporters' Skillshare this Saturday 27 Oct 2004
At Final CTA Public Hearing, More Than Eight Hundred Express Outrage Over Proposed Fare Increases, Service and Job Cuts 28 Oct 2004
Election Night Blowout Will Offer Full Network TV Coverage, Live Internet Feeds, Chance for Progressives to Converge 28 Oct 2004
N3 - The Day After: Bush Reelected, Street Protests Break Out Across US 03 Nov 2004
Chicago protest documentary \"Where We Stood\" wins Emmy nomination 07 Nov 2004
US Launches Falluja Offensive - Chicago's Anti-War Movement Back in the Streets 09 Nov 2004
Pilsen Residents say no to Environmental Racism 09 Nov 2004
Iraq Vets Opposing the War: Veteran's Day in Chicago 11 Nov 2004
Chicago Indymedia Back Up After Two-Week Hiatus! 01 Dec 2004
Chicago Indymedia Website Update 06 Dec 2004
Northeastern IL Univ. Striking Faculty Rally, Reach Tentative Settlement 07 Dec 2004
Planets Align for CTA Efforts: Fare Strike, \"Free Ride\" Day, Delay of Funding Cuts 15 Dec 2004
\"All We Want for Christmas is Justice\" 16 Dec 2004
Workers Announce Official Opening of the Albany Park Workers' Center 16 Dec 2004
Chicagoland Premieres \"The Other Side of AIDS\" 27 Dec 2004
Year of Funding Struggles for Chicago Public Access TV Ends with Victories 27 Dec 2004
The 2004 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 01 Jan 2005
Chicagoans Mobilize for Counter-Inaugural Protests 17 Jan 2005
J 20: Counter-Inaugural Protests Snow on Bush Parade 24 Jan 2005
Chicago Says Farewell To Carlos Cortez 26 Jan 2005
Activists Appeal City�s Refusal to Permit March on War's 2nd Anniversary 31 Jan 2005
Senn Task Force Meeting Becomes Hotbed of Debate 09 Feb 2005
Midwest Organizers Help Provide Books to Prisoners 21 Feb 2005
Stand up against war 22 Feb 2005
Community Internet's Future in Illinois At Stake with 2005 Legislative Fight 27 Feb 2005
Englewood parents, students and residents fight to stop closure of schools 27 Feb 2005
Labor Solidarity: The Taco Bell Truth Tour Comes to Chicago 28 Feb 2005
The Bell's Been Broken and the Workers are Dancing: CIW Defeats Taco Bell! 15 Mar 2005
The Bell's Been Broken and the Workers are Dancing: CIW Defeats Taco Bell! 15 Mar 2005
You deleted my articles, so I got my revenge. 17 Mar 2005
March 19 protests and events in Chicago 19 Mar 2005
Protests Counter Police Intimidation to Mark 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War 20 Mar 2005
AIDS Denial Film Provokes Controversy 22 Mar 2005
Chicago Mourns Death of Local Activist 26 Mar 2005
Chicago Office of Rainforest Action Network Opens with Pressure Campaign against Banks 30 Mar 2005
Hyde Park High Schooler Defeats Discriminatory McDonald's Seating Policy Amid Arrest, Protest 06 Apr 2005
Two Arrested at Protest Against Public Transit Service Cuts 11 Apr 2005
International Day of Action Against Caterpillar Focuses on Chicago Meeting 12 Apr 2005
Meet the Neighbors: What Every Chicagoan Should Know about Bank One's New Daddy 13 Apr 2005
Chicago Judge Awards Hearing on Police Torture 22 Apr 2005
E-Voting Coming to a Chicago Polling Place Near You 24 Apr 2005
Chicago Peace Group Sues Police for Evidence of Covert Infiltration 27 Apr 2005
May Day 2005 in Chicago 29 Apr 2005
Chicago activist arrested, released amid West Bank direct action 06 May 2005
Antifraud Illinois E-voting Bill Faces Roadblock 24 May 2005
Pilsen Labor Organizer Attacked 24 May 2005
Chicagoans Support Animal-Rights Activist Facing Terrorism Charges 25 May 2005
WZRD Fires Yahale Yadede 26 May 2005
Vigil honors May Molina anniversary 01 Jun 2005
World Naked Bike Ride Comes to Chicago (with arrests) 13 Jun 2005
Illinois Family Institute = Illinois Fascist Institute: Dinner Gala for State Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Draws Protesters 14 Jun 2005
Iraqi Labor Leaders To Speak In Chicago This Friday 15 Jun 2005
Congress Hotel Strike Passes Second Anniversary 19 Jun 2005
Still Fanning the Flames of Discontent: The IWW Celebrates 100 Years. 23 Jun 2005
Corporate �Graffiti� Bombs the City 03 Jul 2005
Chicago Animal Rights Activists take it to the Streets: Wachovia Securities, \"Stop killing animals!\" 08 Jul 2005
Need Some Mutual Aid? Check out the MAP! 12 Jul 2005
Federal Agents \"Visit\" Black Panther's Widow, Son 15 Jul 2005
J23-28: AFL-CIO Convention in Chicago - Rank and File Voices Call for Change 17 Jul 2005
Chicago Community Journalism Project Returns, Faces Subpoena 01 Aug 2005
City pesticides and city politics: Squashing more than just bugs? 11 Aug 2005
Federal Jury Finds Chicago Cops Guilty in Beating Case 14 Aug 2005
Federal Jury Finds Chicago Cops Guilty in Beating Case 14 Aug 2005
Peace Contingent Report Back from the 76th Annual Bud Billiken Parade 15 Aug 2005
Chicago Group Rejects Federal Fine for Humanitarian Aid 17 Aug 2005
New Orleans, Gulf Coast Solidarity 02 Sep 2005
Chicago City Council Announces Proposed Iraq Withdrawal Resolution 08 Sep 2005
But Can He Hack Snitching? 08 Sep 2005
Chicago-Area Community Journalist Threatened for Blogging Local Politics 21 Sep 2005
Re: Stand Up Against War 24 Sep 2005
Tasered Man Sues Chicago Police 26 Sep 2005
More Mercury Will be the Legacy of New Coal-Burning Plants 28 Sep 2005
Minister Calls for Police Accountability in Wake of Settlement to Framed Brutality Victim 06 Oct 2005
Re: Original Docs on White-Skin Privilege 11 Oct 2005
Indigenous Communities & Activists Protest Columbus Day Parade 12 Oct 2005
Venezuela Matters Expo Kicks Off in Chicago 13 Oct 2005
Anti-immigrant Conference Faced Protest, Blockade, Arrests 16 Oct 2005
Anti-immigrant Conference Faced Protest, Blockade, Arrests 16 Oct 2005
Displaced Survivors of Hurricane Katrina Raise $600 for New Orleans Housing Collective 24 Oct 2005
Community Protests Cop's Killing of Youth 24 Oct 2005
Technical Advisory for Chicago Indymedia readers 15 Nov 2005
Tenants Fight Back Against Displacement 21 Nov 2005
40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity 03 Dec 2005
40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity 03 Dec 2005
40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity 03 Dec 2005
Chicago Independent TV now on Dish Network 04 Dec 2005
In the Courts: Members of the Arlington Heights 5 Re-arrested and More 05 Dec 2005
CTA Turns Down Discounted Venezuelan Oil, Raises Fares Instead 28 Dec 2005
The 2005 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 01 Jan 2006
Lawmakers urge Chicago to accept Venezuela's Discounted Diesel 05 Jan 2006
Direct Action Gets the Goods! Chicago IWW Victory for Unpaid Worker 14 Jan 2006
Memorial of Slain Bicyclist Interrupted by Police: 4 Arrested 01 Feb 2006
Pilsen Community Speaks Out 02 Feb 2006
This Saturday: New Documentaries on War & Resistance 09 Feb 2006
CPS Escalates School Privatization Efforts 13 Feb 2006
Lights Out Chicago: Fast Highlights Iraq Power Shortage 15 Feb 2006
Feb 17-18: Cindy Sheehan in Chicago 16 Feb 2006
Some Illinois Vaccines Still Legally Laced With Mercury 20 Feb 2006
Infiltration Alert: FBI Spying at DePaul 27 Feb 2006
Over 100 Grassroots Groups Build March 18 Protests to Mark War's Third Anniversary 08 Mar 2006
Si, se puede! - Chicago Witnesses Massive Protest for Immigrant Rights 14 Mar 2006
Chicago Indymedia Launches March 18 Coverage 18 Mar 2006
M18 Recap: Chicago Mobilizes Against War on 3rd Anniversary 20 Mar 2006
Hundreds Protest Ann Coulter at Loyola Visit, Three Arrested 27 Mar 2006
Could a Congressional bill kill Indymedia? 29 Mar 2006
Immokalee Workers Return to Chicago, Take on McDonald's 31 Mar 2006
Reclaim the Commons Chicago Convergence: 4 Days of Events and Actions in Opposition to the Biotechnology Industry Organization 06 Apr 2006
Chicago’s Day Labor Tour of Shame Confronts Paper Source on Labor Injustices 14 Apr 2006
Lawsuit by Hundreds of Chicago Peace Protest Arrestees Wins Class-Action Status 19 Apr 2006
Primero de Mayo - May Day 2006 in Chicago 29 Apr 2006
El Pueblo Unido... A historic May Day in Chicago 06 May 2006
Mothers' Hunger Strike for Immigration Rights Continues, Spurs Downtown Vigil 01 Jun 2006
Journalist Resists City Subpoena for Documenting and Reporting Police Brutality in Stateway Gardens Community 03 Jun 2006
The Bush Visit: Dubya Does Daley 09 Jul 2006
Report Nails Chicago Police for Torture, But Says They Can't Be Prosecuted 19 Jul 2006
Living Wage Big Box Ordinance Passes in Chicago Over Fierce Corporate Opposition 27 Jul 2006
Local immigrants' rights activist faces deportation; turns to refuge in church 18 Aug 2006
Activists Perk Up to Logan Square Starbucks Union Victory 02 Sep 2006
Charge dropped in Chicago-related Israeli Torture Case 25 Sep 2006
Chicago Protesters Brave Cold for Bush Exorcism 16 Oct 2006
Immokalee Workers Return to Chicago for McDonald's Workers' Rights 17 Oct 2006
Local group I.D's dangerous security flaw in City's voter registration database 23 Oct 2006
NYC Indymedia Reporter Shot Dead by Pro-Government Paramilitaries In Oaxaca 27 Oct 2006
Arrests Fail to Deter Protest-Vigil for Oaxaca at Mexican Consulate 03 Nov 2006
Wed., Nov. 8 | Chicago Indymedia film night | "Speak Truth To Power: New Films from Oaxaca and Iraq" 07 Nov 2006
Local Musician Martyrs Himself for Peace 07 Nov 2006
Malachi Ritscher: A Martyr For Peace 26 Nov 2006
Innocent Man Framed by Burge Cops Sues Cops 10 Dec 2006
Chicagoan Tortured and Imprisoned Without Charges by U.S. Forces in Baghdad 17 Dec 2006
Local Activist Dan Parry and Companion Killed in Auto Accident 31 Dec 2006
The 2006 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review 02 Jan 2007
City Drops Lawsuit Against Journalist Jamie Kalven—Bond Case Settled 06 Jan 2007
A weekend of events with Chicago Indymedia 16 Jan 2007
Public Access TV Future At Stake in Illinois Legislative Fight 31 Jan 2007
Proposed Healthcare Budget Cuts Face Protests 07 Feb 2007
Immokalee Workers Mobilize for April McDonald's Convergence 14 Feb 2007
Four Chicago women arrested in war funding protest 20 Feb 2007
Antiwar Actions Escalate as M20 March Approaches 11 Mar 2007
Thousands March Down Michigan Ave. to Demand Troops Home Now. 25 Mar 2007
Police fight lawsuit over misconduct documents 06 Apr 2007
On Cusp of Chicago Convergence, Immokalee Workers Win Demands from McDonald's 10 Apr 2007
Heavy-handed Chicago Raid Sparks Community Protests 27 Apr 2007
Mayday 2007: Hundreds of Thousands March Again for Immigrant Rights 05 May 2007
DePaul "Sit-Out" Protests Indifference to Sexual Assault 31 May 2007
DePaul Denies Norman Finkelstein Tenure 08 Jun 2007
Pilsenites protest proposed Podmajersky parking plot 14 Jun 2007
"Operation First Casualty" Comes to Chicago 19 Jun 2007
Elvira Arellano case to go to Supreme Court 24 Jun 2007
Chicago's Biggest Pride Parade Ever Gives Warm Welcome to Progressive Contingent 29 Jun 2007
Chicago Activist Discovers Hispanic Youth Harshly "Treated" at Indiana Detention Center 06 Jul 2007
Chicago Police Kill 18-Year-Old, Hundreds Rally in Protest 12 Aug 2007
Elvira Arrellano Leaves Sanctuary, Placed Under Arrest 19 Aug 2007
Hampton Leads CPD HQ Protest With Family Of Aaron Harrison 28 Aug 2007
In Memoriam: Anti-War Vietnam Veteran and Labor Activist Bill Davis 05 Sep 2007
Chicago organizers mobilize for FCC media ownership hearing 18 Sep 2007
Progressive Dissidents Win Teamsters Election In 12-Year Battle Against Corruption 23 Oct 2007
Dozens of Berwyn High School Students Face Expulsion After Antiwar Sit-In 04 Nov 2007
Morton High School Drops Expulsions for 25 Student Antiwar Protesters 19 Nov 2007
Suspiciously-Timed Leak Says Police Torture Victims Reach Multi-Million-Dollar Settlement 09 Dec 2007
Jailed Benton Harbor Community Activist Retaliates With Hunger Strike 20 Dec 2007
The 2007 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 06 Jan 2008
Hundreds Brave Chicago Blizzard To Protest For Palestine 31 Jan 2008
Sanctuary for Immigrant Rights Begins Anew in Chicago Church 06 Feb 2008
Chicago Peace Activists Win Key Legal Victory Over 2003 Protest 12 Mar 2008
Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions 20 Mar 2008
Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many 21 Mar 2008
Peace Activists Stage Dramatic Easter 'Die-In’ at Holy Name Cathedral to Protest Anniversary of Iraq War 23 Mar 2008
Palestine Films on Display in Chicago 28 Apr 2008
Tens of Thousands March on Mayday for Immigrant Rights, Labor Rights 11 May 2008
Congress Hotel Strike Marks Fifth Anniversary 15 Jun 2008
Chicago Hosts 2008 Green Party Convention; McKinney, Clemente Win Nominations 17 Jul 2008
New Article Details Ongoing Injustice for Chicago Torture Victims of Infamous Burge Police Regime 24 Jul 2008
Hundreds of Chicagoans Protest Against Possible War on Iran 13 Aug 2008
Peace Activists Literally Fenced In at 2008 Chicago Air And Water Show 19 Aug 2008
Chicagoans Join Anti-RNC Actions, Decry Violent Crackdown 02 Sep 2008
Chicago Independent TV in October features Summer of Chicago Activism 08 Oct 2008
Peace Activists Take To Streets in Chicago's Pakistani Community 15 Oct 2008
Former CPD Commander Jon Burge Arrested on Torture Related Charges 22 Oct 2008
Unarmed Chicagoan Killed by Chicago Police Officer 30 Oct 2008
Local war-mongering anti-immigrant NAFTA-pusher named White House Chief of Staff 09 Nov 2008
Anti-Prop-8 Sentiment Fuels Anti-Dobson Chicago Protest 13 Nov 2008
Thousands March in Chicago for LGBT Rights 18 Nov 2008
Support Swells for Chicago Union Workers' Factory Occupation 07 Dec 2008
Chicago Workers' Plant Occupation Ends in Victory 11 Dec 2008
Beloved community activist Beauty Turner dies 18 Dec 2008
The 2008 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review 05 Jan 2009
Plans To Gut Chicago Public Schools Draws Scores to Protest 30 Jan 2009
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City Officials (again) Challenge Activist Rights to March on War's Anniversary 08 Feb 2009
Activists Score Big Win Over Right to March in Chicago 11 Feb 2009
Chicago Freedom To Marry Actions See Hundreds Protest, Seven Arrested 16 Feb 2009
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Federal Judge Finds Massive Civil Rights Violations At Cook County Jail 25 Feb 2009
Chicago Public Schools Supporters Rally, Protest, Campout, Save Six Schools 27 Feb 2009
Chicago Independent TV in March: DOMA, Vet Profile, Gaza, Colombia 01 Mar 2009
Tuesday memorial for beloved Guatemalan activist Jose Ruiz Maya 09 Mar 2009
Chicagoans Rally, March in Sixth Anniversary Iraq War Protest 16 Mar 2009
Chicago's Anti-Protester Disorderly Conduct Ordinance Ruled Unconstitutional 18 Mar 2009
Chicago Opposition to 2016 Olympics Bid Ramps Up 30 Mar 2009
From The Trenches for March: Disorderly Conduct, Death Row 08 Apr 2009
Chicago Independent TV in April: War Anniversary, Civil Rights, Ren 2010 08 Apr 2009
Mayday in Chicago, 2009 08 May 2009
Blackwater (Xe) Illinois Facility Targeted By Conference, Protest, 22 Arrests 12 May 2009
Chicago Activist Andy Thayer Arrested in Moscow Amid Slavic Pride Crackdown 16 May 2009
Clearwater Actions featured on recent episodes of From The Trenches 02 Jun 2009
Chicago Independent TV for June - Mayday, Cindy Sheehan, DTV, Israel media pundit 02 Jun 2009
Illinois Torture Publicized with Ecological Art: Artists promote critical prison message with mud stencils 09 Jun 2009
Social Divides Widen Amid America's DTV Conversion 11 Jun 2009
Chicago Police Plumb New Depths in Malfeasance 24 Jun 2009
Hundreds Protest Commemoration of Chicago Police Violence 30 Jun 2009
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Chicago's Staff Infection: A case of racism and privacy violations? 29 Jul 2009
Community Rallies Support for Chicago Organizer Dennis Dixon 05 Aug 2009
RNC8 Supporters Face Down Anti-Activist Prosecutor at Chicago Visit 09 Aug 2009
Chicago-based Kraft Foods Focus of Argentine Workers Solidarity Campaign 14 Sep 2009
Chicagoans Join Activist Convergence on G20 in Pittsburgh 25 Sep 2009
Chicago Rallies Against 2016 Olympics with IOC Vote Looming 30 Sep 2009
Chicago Public and Community Organizations Relieved by Lost Olympic Bid 03 Oct 2009
Chicago Independent Television for October: Unlympics, RNC, Air and Water Show 07 Oct 2009
Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert at the University of Chicago 18 Oct 2009
Thousands Converge in Chicago to Oppose Major Bankers' Conference 30 Oct 2009
Chicago Independent Television for November: G20 Protest in Pittsburgh, Afghanistan Protest in Chicago 16 Nov 2009
Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign Launches Campaign with Successful Blockade 22 Nov 2009
Hundreds of Chicagoans March to Mourn Slain Gay Puerto Rican Teenager 24 Nov 2009
Chicago Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Fred Hampton 04 Dec 2009
Chicago Independent TV for Dec.: Cigna Protest, Palestine, Pilsen Plant Vigil, Sanders Unfiltered 13 Dec 2009
Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign continues efforts with direct action, town hall, galvanized campaigns 17 Jan 2010
Chicago MLK Day Commemorated with Public Workers' March for Social Services 21 Jan 2010
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Chicago journalist and anti-Olympics activist Martin Macias deported from Canada 09 Feb 2010
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BREAKING: Court Allows Torture Suit Against Former Defense Sec't Rumsfeld 07 Mar 2010
On Cusp of March 18th Peace Protest, Activists Challenge Chicago Mayor Daley to Back Words with Policies 16 Mar 2010
Chicago Protests Foreign Policy Injustice on Iraq War 7th Anniversary 21 Mar 2010
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Chicago Tea Party Draws Rightwingers and Grassroots Counterprotest 24 Apr 2010
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Chicago turns out in force for May Day protests 20 May 2010
Chicago Protests in Solidarity With African LGBTs 20 May 2010
From The Trenches radio for May: Frida Berrigan, Rich Whitney, headlines 30 May 2010
Israelis Attack Gaza Humanitarian Sea Convoy; At Least 9 Dead, Chicagoan Missing 30 May 2010
Chicagoan Still Missing While Local Solidarity Protest for Gaza Gears Up 01 Jun 2010
Chicago Continues Actions After Gaza Flotilla Raids, With More Actions Planned 05 Jun 2010
Progressive slate sweeps Chicago teachers union elections 12 Jun 2010
Chicagoan gives chilling eyewitness account of Israeli assault on Gaza aid flotilla 17 Jun 2010
CIMC reporters denied Canadian entry as government steps up massive repression at Toronto G20 protests 26 Jun 2010
Historic conviction of cop torturer only partial justice, say activists 30 Jun 2010
Chicago’s Puerto Rican Community Celebrates Release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Carlos Alberto Torres 29 Jul 2010
Chicago-area Hilton workers take strike vote 19 Aug 2010
Chicago videographer Gregory Koger found guilty on three counts from attempted video recording 26 Aug 2010
Whittier students and parents hold sit-in to block field house demolition 19 Sep 2010
FBI targets Chicago activists amid Midwest sweep; activists push back 26 Sep 2010
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FBI Delivers Subpoenas to More Activists in Chicago, Pushback Continues 12 Dec 2010
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Amid sentencing of convicted torturer Jon Burge, Chicago torture victims' families speak out 19 Jan 2011
1500 Chicago Protesters Rally in Solidarity with Uprising in Egypt 30 Jan 2011
Chicago Independent TV in February: Net Neutrality, Wikileaks, Midwest March for Peace, About Chicago Independent TV 19 Feb 2011
Voldemort Elected Mayor of Chicago 22 Feb 2011
On Wisconsin: Antiunion Measures in Madison Spur Local, National Democracy Protests 13 Mar 2011
Burge torture victim freed after 25 years in jail 17 Mar 2011
Chicago Peace Protesters Win Key Victory in Seventh Circuit Court 26 Mar 2011
Chicago Protests Eight Years of War and Occupation 27 Mar 2011
We Are One rally for labor solidarity takes Daley Plaza by storm 20 Apr 2011
On Cusp of Chicago Clean Power Vote, Six Arrested at Crawford Coal Plant 20 Apr 2011
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Chicago Marches for Justice on Mayday 2011 04 May 2011
Chicago Marks 125th Anniversary of Haymarket 04 May 2011
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La Casita Supporters Renew Sit-In Protest after CPS Calls Off Deal 23 Jun 2011
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Chicago Federal Court Rejects Rumsfeld’s Attempt to Dismiss Torture Suit 08 Aug 2011
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Chicago Peace Activists Gearing Up for 10th Anniversary Afghanistan War Protest 25 Sep 2011
Occupy Chicago Efforts Mark One Week, Join 130+ Other U.S. Cities 03 Oct 2011
Chicago Peace Activists Rally, March to Mark 10th Anniversary of War in Afghanistan 12 Oct 2011
Thousands march in second weekend mass mobilization for Occupy Chicago 23 Oct 2011
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Chicago Independent TV in December: 9/11 Anniversary, Rahm's Sordid History, Hackergate comes to Chicago 09 Dec 2011
Charges against Chicago activist Pat Hunt dropped; city attorney admits arrest "just practice for G8/NATO" 09 Dec 2011
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Chicago Raises Voices Against Mayor Emanuel's Anti-Protester Ordinance 08 Jan 2012
NATO/G8 Chicago updates: Protest permits approved (sort of); Protest ordinances revised (barely) 13 Jan 2012