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Chicago Indymedia Launches March 18 Coverage

9 PM: The Teargas Anthem by Desert Rat has just played, thus ending the radio webstream. The archives of the stream will be made available soon. Thanks to everyone who contributed and who helped out with organizing efforts. Excelsior.
8:32 PM: Upbeat crowd is still sticking around. Police are pulling up 15 buses to Daley Plaza ordering protesters who remain and who aren't dispersing right away. (Look up the word "overkill" in the dictionary, you guys.) Unclear on final numbers.
8:28 PM Protesters have arrived at Daley Plaza. Protest organizers have encouraged protesters to disperse.
8:05 PM The Festival of Rights has evidently swelled in size enormously since it takeoff around 7pm. At least 15,000 people involved (easily), perhaps more.
7:56 PMOne report from the Michigan Avenue protest deemed it to be about four blocks long.
7:52 PM: The march is making its way on to Wacker now. 12,000 to 15,000 from one police officer, corroborated by a second police officer (about 15,000 or so). Police even set up guards along the river to prevent protesters from swimming upriver (and do what exactly?).
7:31 PM Middle of the Festival of Rights march is on Michigan, passing by Chicago Avenue. "Good turnout".
6:55 PM: Festival of Rights has kicked off. "Several thousands" are marching now. Hard to tell the exact numbers. Considerable police presence.
6:48 PM: The rally is about to kick off. Massive police presence, which can give the impression of dissuading potential protesters from joining in.
6:13 PM: Thousands of people are now assembling at Walton and State for the big sendoff of the Festival of Rights Parade.
4:36 PM: Wrap-up of the rally at Union Park. Estimate of 5000-6000 people. Extraordinarily diverse crowd at Union Park, now making its way to Walton and State.
4:08 PM: More speeches. Akua N'Djere [sp] (Fred Hampton's widow) is taking the stage.
3:59 PM: More speeches. Labor. More performances.
3:56 PM: New host: Cliff Kelley has taken the stage. Great prayer.
3:51 PM: More speeches. Arab American rights.
3:46 PM: Congressman Luis Gutierrez has taken the stage.
3:37 PM: More speeches. Puerto Rico, immigrants rights. "Si se puede!"
3:30 PM: More speeches. Palestine, Iraq Veterans Against the War
3:21 PM: Speeches at Union Park are underway as well. Juan Torres has taken the stage.
3:14 PM: Performances at Union Park are underway.
2:57 PM: Rally is growing considerably at Union Park now.
2:54 PM: Billionaires for Bush is a hoot: "Big money united shall never be defeated."
2:37PM: About 1000 people gathered so far in Union Park for the Big Rally. Feeder march from UNITE HERE arrived fine.
2:22pm: 1000 people estimated in the Humboldt Park rally. Very wide appeal and presence. Positive vibes; some passers-by joining in.
1:59pm40 people at the Beyond Today vigil from 12pm to 1:30pm. Heavy police presence. Lots of popular support from passers-by. Proceeded to Division on Western to meet with the Humboldt Park march.
. 1:47PM Humboldt Park march with some 500 people marching on the North side of Division Avenue. Now an Arab-American contingent has joined. It's join with a Beyond Today feeder march at Division and Western.
1:41PM:Northside College Prep march is now past Wellington on Ashland
1:36PMHumboldt park is now continuing to grow. They includ a Filipino contingent, some bikers, Puerto Ricans, and the Palestine solidarity group.
1:33PMReport from Lincoln Park march. Speak out against recruitment at Clybourne and Division. About 35 or so people or so there. Heavy police presence. 2 vans of police and security guards and a paddy wagon.
1:25PM: Palestine contingent has arrived at Humboldt. Good ambience and presence there. Got an excellent dispatch from a Filipino organizer.
1:16PM: Dispatch from UIC rally - about 200 people. UIC Halsted to leave 1:45 north on Halsted to Ashland. Several unmarked police cars. Staying on the periphery
1PM: Logan Square march has merged with Humboldt Park, some 250 people in the merged march. Still anticipating the Palestine contingent.
12:45PM: Evanston rally at Fountain Square. A dispatch reports about 250 people there. Police very helpful.
1PM: Feeder march from Humboldt park, about 50-100 people there, to receive the rally from Logan Square and from the Palestine contingent.
12:37PM: Lincoln Park contingent reports about 40 or so people (and a big puppet) to march to Union Park. An action is anticipated on Clybourn.
12PM: Report from Albany Park: some 20 people in a rally and march down to Lawrence from Kimball.
11:30AM: Logan Square rally reports about 100 people at the rally


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