CTU Official & Substance Reporter battered by cops

John Whitfield
Reporter / teachers Union Official struck repeatly by Chicago cops.

Substance reporter battered

At last note Substance reporter John Kugler has been bruised up needless to say, and his head has been spinning.
This is reminiscent of Dan Rather getting the same treatment at the Democratic National Convention, in 1968, having referred to those who did it as thugs(CPD)
Chicago Police Department. John has always referred to the police as our brothers and sisters, since they are also union members.
Kugler is a union activist himself, and a city Wide Coordinator for the Chicago Teachers Union. The CTU leadership is furious about this having happened. Sad, that my neighbor was clubbed four times by a cop that lost it, as he is a great neighbor also, wanting to organize the neighborhood as well, to make for a healthier community for our youth to grow up in.
Below is what John reported to have happened in Substancenews.net.

I got hit in the head with a billy club four times. I was there. Contrary to what the Sun-Times has reported, Black block did not escalate — it was Chicago Police who pushed into the crowd.
If the CPD had sat on the outskirts of the crowds as they did Friday and Saturday there would have been no violence. What I saw was the Black Bloc was restrained until they were challenged and threatened by the police. I have pictures and video of the entire march, and it was clear that the police created the conditions that ended in violence. I have video evidence of the entire incident and eyewitness to police brutality. There were many protesters that were who got severely injured because they did not come prepared to get their heads busted by police batons.
There is no excuse for hitting anyone that was unarmed lying on the ground.
By the way when the shit hits the fan, there is only one side to be on. I am proud to have been on the side that showed and proved police violence against First Amendment rights. I you watch the corporate media they are blaming Black Bloc which is false. I have some more to write about how the corporate media operates at such an event but I need a few days to go over my notes, video and pictures. Hint: some of our fellow "reporters" were working with the police.
In Solidarity

Kugler also reported recently the anti - racist action against some facists that recently met at a Tinley Park restaurant, for their white supremicist agenda.

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