Undercovers lead night march, arrest local

A NATO night protest on Sunday night was steered and disrupted by under cover police who then arrested a local activist.

A few hundred people gathered outside of the art institute where delegates were supposed to have a party. There was a big standoff with cops. At least once person was arrested on the side. The group realized that the party was moved because of the huge crowd so they decided to march.

Marchers continuously realized when figuring out directions that this big vocal muscly white guy and some others masked up next to him kept suggesting that they charge into a street with riot or bike cops. A bunch of locals would always say... "NOOOO WTF ARE YOU DOING" and there would be an argument and then folks would realize that the way first suggested was suicidal and change direction. This went on for a bit (and it was pretty intense cause there was 3-500 people, lots of riot cops running to catch up on the sides, and lots of bike cops trying to get around on side streets... so not much was done about this.

After crossing a bridge the previously mentioned excited muscle bound white man and these two large masked dudes grabs this black man who had been one of the locals arguing with him and they throw him to the ground and slam him within 10 feet of approaching bike cops who quickly move to surround them. A number of people immediately saw what was going on and tried to get the guy out, but it was too late tons of cops swarmed them and they grabbed both people, the local and this other loud obnoxious muscley guy (the two masked people[who I can only assume were cops got away and left the scene]. Anyway the muscley guy shows his badge to the cops and they still "arrest" him.

First we had been steered a long way by undercovers, second this other guy they arrested was totally fucked by three white undercover cops and was likely to be treated awfully cause he was a person of color and someone who was one of the only local people vocal enough to step up and try to lead the march. Anyway one person said " THAT FUCKER BEING "ARRESTED" IS A COP... I SAW HIS BADGE!!" and the cops started moving towards them saying... "oh yeah.... what was his badge number" as if cops would ever fucking say that about someone who wasn't a cop.

The crowd was then herded towards a dead end and people scrambled through a corporate lot, while the other part retreated back down the street.

If you are organizing a summit, you need to have local people who have ties to each other and can pick out cops like this. If you have suspicions that someone is constantly leading a march into a direction where either cops suddenly appear as if from air or are already there.... that person should A) not be allowed to yell his way into quick decisions about where you go B) be isolated c) not be let near local people who know the streets.

FUCK!!!!! I am so mad. we didn't even get the other guy's name who was arrested. This was about an hour ago..... :(

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