About the greek anarchist discussion

Husni Kabbach

The anarchist is a man , that does not allow to nobody , to announce a political disagreement with him , that is whz there was in the greek anarchist composition , a group that called Anarchist Collectivitz for Reconcentration with Policz of European Union ,and another that called Anarchist Collectivitz for Fighting Proletarian Consciousness .
Anarchist Black Cross are groups that give solidarity to victims of drug war ,when they are concentrating on the authorities .
Victims of drug war in Exarchia Square in Athens were concentrating on the authorities , because they were acting against social protection that had acted , in the authority of a left government , which did not accuse its program .
Had the government fail because of the violence activity of the social protection that allowed the anti-violence reactivity , or the failing of the protection was because of the anfaith government to its program and voters , anyway the resolute was negative for the front that did not suggest the social benefit , and being forced to change its tactics .
Today Makhnovia is attaced , and few are speaking , and blamed in that is the defeating of Greek Machnovist .

Husni Kabbach

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