Capitalism is not a conspiracy theory!!!

international street collectiv nucleo gori

Earth, Europe, Germany, Hamburg, St.Pauli, from 05.02.2022.

Speech contribution of the anarchist "Lasse", on the Corona measures-critical Demonstration.

The international street collective is in the tradition of the radical left. our goal is the international networking of protests against capitalism. the only way out of war, environmental destruction and the suppression of any existence!

munich we come!

We do not let ourselves be split!

Never again fascism!

Never again war!





Capitalism is not a conspiracy theory.
What kind of a glorified handling of the term solidarity is this? Although the danger for children, which comes from covid19 is very, very, small and at the same time, in so-called 3 world countries hardly or no vaccine is available, for people who can use it, pre-sick, older let, in Germany, people vaccinate their children, out of fear or to meet the sense of belonging, to take responsibility, to be solidary, to belong to the right ones. In this country, perfectly healthy 20-year-olds will soon be shooting up their
their second booster, shalalalalala and off to the large-room disco without testing.
While the pharmaceutical companies pocket unimaginably large profits and at the same time we reduce beds in hospitals and the working conditions of nursing staff show precarious conditions....

These conditions are the result of the privatization of the health sector. The general welfare was subordinated to market interests.
The care state of emergency is still firing up in that they try to blackmail the vaccine-unwilling nurses and occupy them at the end of the day with a professional ban. What kind of hypocritical solidarity is this?
Vaccinated people contribute to the infection process just as much as unvaccinated people. So, why shouldn't a person who has tested negative be allowed to participate in public life just as much as a vaccinated person?
This discrepancy in logic is beginning to be noticed by ordinary citizens. And rightly they realize that it makes little sense and that it is only about forcing people to vaccinate. Which, however, does not bring solidarity or health protection for
for the whole population, but maximizes the profits of the corporations!
That is the point and meanwhile almost everybody checks that, almost. We stand here for a health policy, for the people, not for the companies.

The Luca app debacle showed how inefficient and pointless it was to blow millions of taxpayer dollars up to Smudo and his startup's ass. Do we want to live in a world where every step we take can be monitored through the digital passport? Public transportation, retail, culture, everything only accessible with a digital pass?
The weakest members of our society, such as refugees without a residence permit
suffer the most. Therefore, no to the CoV Pass, Green Pass, Sanitary Pass or whatever it should be called.

whatever it should be called. No human being is certifiable!

I do not think covid19 is a fake or harmless. But how politics acts clearly shows that this is not about health but about profits!
That's why people go to the streets, they don't want to have a vaccination subscription forced on them. Everybody who wants to be vaccinated and who, for whatever reason, does not want to be
should be left in peace.

I have no problem with mask wearing indoors and testing. If there's even a small chance of saving lives, I'm happy to do it. That was never the problem, but vaccination subscription or "otherwise you lose your job"!

In the meantime there is a discussion about cancelling unemployment benefits for unvaccinated people. Landlords rent only to vaccinated. Driving school, thus the right to mobility only with current booster?
This is the worst kind of discrimination and it has to stop right now.
It helps no one else but oneself to be vaccinated. The care emergency is not caused by the unvaccinated, but by politics and corporations, by state and
capital. What can be unsolidaric about providing one's vaccine dose to people who want it. What can be solidary about depriving people who do not want to be vaccinated of their livelihood?
Yes, but... OK, vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission. Yes but, the virus load is lower! ...oh yes is that so? There are numerous studies that prove that, but there are also numerous studies that prove the opposite...and now?
Good study... bad study? Yes, but with vaccination you don't get a severe course. Oh yes, what are the vaccinated people doing in the intensive care units? Yes, they were old and pre-diseased. Oh, that's right...OK, then why not vaccinate mainly the old and pre-diseased? Everywhere, world wide?
What kind of reasoning is that anyway. First they cut the health sector down, then they want to force everyone to get vaccinated, so that the hospitals are not overloaded.
and who does not go along there is then at all guilt and belongs ostracized. Should be best also not treated … How is that? Should then people with strong vaccination side effects also no longer be treated, so eye for eye moderately...?
While in the media this completely moronic discussion is going on, people are dying worldwide, from covid, from measures and their consequences, from hunger and wars, and here everyone is staring at the latest infection figures, like a rabbit at a snake.
We want an open controversial discourse in civil society and especially in the left scene!

Dear authoritarian Antifa, dear base group Hooligans, thank you!
Thank you for drawing attention to the fact that fascists are taking criticism of the measures. They do. And also unreflected repeating of structural anti-Semitic conspiracy myths can be found in the mass of the measures critics. No, Jana from Kassel you are not like Sophie Scholl, and Pickelhaube Kaiserreich, unvaccinated in the Jewish star, is and remains a crappy comparison. The AFD, NPD, pegida, identities movement, the third way, these are all actors who want to make use of the discontent of the people and also do it… and also do it.

This is a problem that we must prevent.

Because otherwise we will wake up in totalitarian capitalism or in a revolution from the right. Both dystopias that we as the left must fight. The problem is that the left has so far failed to bring the right issues to the streets. Instead of educating the center of society from right-wing claptrap and picking them up, committing yourselves to the interests of women workers, you, dear authoritarian Antifa, dear grassroots group Hooligans, have done exactly the opposite. You drive the women workers into the arms of the fascist demagogues.
Kiddies with antifa flag, behind Ffp2 masks. The distinctive sign "to be on the right side" chanting "we vaccinate you all" and "your ignorance costs people lives", "get vaccinated or we will".

Oh my...your scribblers poison any leftist discourse and label vaccination refusers as social Darwinist as unsolidaristic. With this you have unfortunately totally lost your way, instead of shitting into the singing bowls of esos and hippies, I recommend that you return to traditional left values and maybe some anarchist reading....

But it's not too late! Come back! Let's find a consensus. Let's push Nazis out of the manifestations. Let's enlighten conspiracists and not meet them as condescending masterminds. Let's fight capitalism together, because it is not a conspiracy theory.
Include the "free vaccination decision" and the "No Greenpass" in your demands and you will see that 10.000 people will join your protest.

The consensus could be:
Divide the pharmaceutical profits among peoples!
No more vaccine patents and no more profits!
Free masks and tests for all!
Stop the NoVac discrimination!
For a free vaccination decision!
No passport sanitary!
Champagne for all, vaccinate who wants!

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