15 Reasons To Buy Artificial And Not Axed Trees For Holidays


15 Reasons Not To Kill A Tree For The Holidays

Over 81% of those who have holiday trees have ones they can use year after year and not axed trees.

1. Massive tree cutting is the single biggest cause of global climate extremes, drought, fire. Each average sized tree evaporates 42 gallons of moisture daily becoming mist, then clouds, then rain.

2. Many parks and fields have been totally stripped of fir trees by those who have axed them so that they may slowly die in people's living rooms. The result is forests with no evergreens.

3. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, beehives and butterflies are smashed or evicted when the trees are axed.

4. Pine trees with dry needles coming into contact with hot electric lights are a cause of fire

5. Needle cleanup is a timewasting chore.

6. Trees can easily be toppled by crawling babies or playing children, endangering them. Dogs and cats are sometimes confused smelling the outdoor fragrance of dead trees sometimes urinate on or under them.

7. Trash pick up of dead trees is expensive and an energy waste for cashstrapped municipalities

8. Landfills are clogged by the tree carcasses. Their replacement landfills create even more deforestation.

9. In terms of very large trees, lumberjacks have one of the 5 most dangerous occupations in the world.

10. USA Today reported that of 95 million households with a tree, 81% of the homes have an artificial one.

11. Numerous studies by Chandra Bose, inventor in the 1890's of the radio which he demonstrated in 1895 as well as Luther Bank, researcher recorded in the book The Secret Life Of Plants etc. indicate trees have feelings and should not be killed.

12. Trees were not axed for Christmas until the 16th Century in Germany. Queen Victoria brought the tradition to England.

13. Small eggsacs of spiders or bugs can come into the home unobserved on the branches. In the warmer house temperatures they can hatch out.

14. Artificial trees save a lot of money

15. The trees take years or decades to grow. They are killed for a few days to 1 month display.
Let the green Christmas trees unmolested in the forest be.


Thank you to Jim Bohannon for the eggsac story.

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