Vegans And Vegetarians In The Military

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Years ago Colman McCarthy, a former syndicated columnist for the Washington
Post and a former Trappist monk who later taught peace studies wrote that Caesar's armies marched on vegetables. (Perhaps it was Lew Regenstein who remarked that
the vegetarian McCarthy, invited to expensive Washington dinners, would sit
with his apple while others ate the standard fare.)

Sometime in the 80's Captain Rick Corbin was on the cover of Vegetarian Times. He had completed the strenuous Army Rangers program on his vegetarian diet. One
vegetarian magazine had reported that the vegetarian Alan Jones, a Marine, had
accomplished 17,003 sit ups in 1 unbroken session.

As of February of 2019 , the Guardian newspaper reported that the American military accommodated vegetarians but that there were no vegan MRE's or ready to eat meals.

The enlisted soldier is expected to obey orders, not to make waves. Nevertheless
vegans in the British armed forces are very dissastisfied.

The website livekindly has written about vegans surviving in the military

More and more officers in the military are convinced that vegan
and vegetarian diet are much healthier. But virtually every army in the world
has a long way to go.

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