Evanston Patients Denied Right To Refuse Treatments & Other News

News Notes Oct 12 2012

Info on CMS Medicare Tracking System The country's largest data base is not
maintained by CDC, NIH, FDA, or the private vivisecting hospital Johns Hopkins
whose Dr Blalock tested dogs' bones to see how much pressure they could take
before breaking. it is Medicare's which reports over 48,000 covid vaccine generated deaths. 2 groups were studied.. those over 80 and those under.
Attorney Thomas Renz' law firm http://renz-law.com
Perhaps they have immunity for vaccine deaths, but not for deliberate falsification of known side effects

The Bible says Cain was the first killer. That's not so. It
was in that book Abel who did the first murder, but to some, animals don't count.

An Evanston Illinois hospital is not honoring people's
right to leave against medical advice.. and is actually restraining a patient Some hospitals restrain with
external ties.. others with internal chemical restraints

Shelter dogs have been abandoned because a baby was coming, people
moving, neighbor complaints re barking, humans claiming poverty re dog food costs, or in some cases the death of the human companion. Juveniles and in some cases adults tortured dogs. Some have been chained at short length, given water and food only
occasionally. Some had no dog house. Many dogs died this summer in their fur
coats as did birds in their feathered coats in 3 digit heat. Unspayed mothers and their puppies
are often discarded. Some have been hit by cars and left unhelped. Some are so neglected with mange or other that when they walk they leave pawprints of blood. Seldom have any escaped research labs unless with the help of outraged humans. Some abandoned dogs have waited for days where dumped by cars, chasing each new car looking for reunion with those who left them.

Govt giving 7 billion $ to Merck for covid tablet, criminal grand theft, enabling vivisecting co.
which made bioweapons for military and
tried to force compulsory gardasil vax in TX & OH. 1 of its operatives has imo hacked an int'l
forum which allowed criticism of vivisectors Hear Merck and think of mercury in flu vax

Most oppose making meat out of dogs. More and more are opposing giving meat to dogs. (There are over 1 million websites on vegan dogs being smarter, stronger,
gentler, and living longer.) The president of S Korea who has a pet dog has said
recently it is time to end dog meat.

Passed on by HP: The pastor went bearhunting.. all day not a single sighting nor
trail.. toward evening in disgust he threw down his rifle and went to the
river for a drink. Suddenly behind him he heard rustling. There was a massive grizzly
angrily coming toward him. The pastor prayed: "Jesus Jesus please make this bear now a Christian." Suddenly the bear looked upward and raised his arms... and said "Thank you Lord for this meal I'm about to receive."

freedonziger.com Donziger was prosecuted by a Chevron attorney!
Response to a marketer of animal flesh dog food:
Cows and pigs have as much right to live as dogs. And animal flesh shortens the lives of dogs giving them kidney stones, ecoli food poisoning, high cholesterol, arthritis etc etc. There are over a million websites on vegan dogs.

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