Robot Evolution


Caltech researchers developed a bipedal walking robot that can fly, slackline, and skateboard: LEONARDO (LEgs ONboARD drOne, or LEO for short). According to the researchers, “by combining two distinct locomotion mechanisms, LEONARDO achieves complex maneuvers that require delicate balancing, such as walking on a slackline and skateboarding, which are challenging for existing bipedal robots. LEONARDO also demonstrates agile walking motions, interlaced with flying maneuvers to overcome obstacles using synchronized control of propellers and leg joints. The mechanical design and synchronized control strategy achieve a unique multimodal locomotion capability that could potentially enable robotic missions and operations that would be difficult for single-modal locomotion robots.”

Robots in different areas of life, drones, drones, robotic surgeons, cyberdog xiaomi, news from Boston Dynamics, Elon Musk. All this and more in this new edition of High Tech News. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments, which news impressed you the most?

Robot basketball player | NEURALINK and TESLA news
Robot Surgeon | Artificial Intelligence Can Predict the Future
New military drone | Helicopter to fly on Mars

New developments in drones, robots in space, autonomous boats. Where the Tesla Bot will be made, news about the Digit robot, the Tesla Autopilot, Amazon vs. SpaceX. New technology at trade shows in China, SPOT version 3.0, new humanoid robots, robotic limbs, retail robots - all this and more in the latest High Tech News. - all this and more in the new issue of high-tech news.

New Drones and UAVs | Autonomous Robotic Car
Where the Tesla Bot will be produced
CIFTIS 2021 - Robot Expo in China
World Robot Summit in Japan | SPOT Robot 3.0

The World Robot Conference 2021 was held in Beijing, bringing together more than 500 robotic solutions from different countries. Home robot panda, robot Einstein, humanoid robots and robot dogs, surgical robots and smart manipulators, as well as fully robotic solutions for manufacturing, all this and more in this video. There's a boom in robotics events around the world right now, and in the next installment we'll cover the details of the robot exhibit in Japan.

Robot panda from UBTech
Robot Einstein
Opti service robot
Iron Man suit
Surgical robots
Space Station robotic arm
Nurse bot
Digital Factory
DeepRobotics inventions
Cyberdog from xiaomi
Robots to explore the deep sea
Robot for kitchen
Audience Entertainment Robots
Service Robots

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