Vaccine Mandates And Other News Notes

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News Notes

Biden's vax mandates risk plane crashes by causing pilot strokes, harm health care, crime, fire prevention, the economy, transportation, education of students, nat'l security as nurses, drs.,police, firefighters, pilots, highly trained employees resign, and the military threatened with dishonorable discharge are sickened by myocarditis etc.
Any airline using vaccinated pilots is risking plane crashes caused by strokes or heart attacks, an even worse risk than alcoholic, drug-using, or high cholesterol pilots.

To all Democrat governors, congresspersons, senators, cabinet secretaries,
press secretary:
Science says no covid vax. Read Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, mRNA vax inventor Dr Robt
W Malone, 23,000 German drs. who refuse to give
vax, Michael Yeadon retired Pfizer VP, CMS Medicare
Tracking System with largest health data pool in US reports 48,000 deaths from covid vax
By pushing these toxic vaccines which enrich Pfizer and other big pharma
you are destroying Democrat chances in 2022 and 2024.

Many studies prove plants have feelings.. Topiary is
plant vivisection.

Ezra Levant
Armed police show up at a man’s house, in the dead of night, to ask him about his anti-lockdown Facebook posts six months ago.

May magazines work to produce paper made from
corn husks, banana peels, coconut shells, manure etc,
rather than adding to climate extremes through deforestation, axing trees for newsprint.

Updated list of covid19 side effects from Mayo Clinic, VAERS, CDC, NIH,
and several other negative side effects reporting websites:
Behcet's syndrome
bell's palsy
bleeding internally (leaky blood vessels)
bladder lack of control
blood blisters
blood clots
blood platelets low
blood pressure high
breast milk causing nursing baby death
breathing difficulty
breath cessation or suffocation
confusion, delirium
digestive enzyme amylase: dangerous elevation 3
digestive enzyme lipase: dangerous elevation 3
eye floaters large
eye closing difficulty
falls from dizziness
fetal deaths second trimester
fever dangerously high
Guillain Barre
hair loss
heart attacks
immune system assault
impotence 4
inflammation throughout body
iron overload
leg pain severe
leg swelling
legs: walking difficulty
lung capacity reduced
lymph nodes swollen 1
menstruation changed
migraine persistence
muscle spasms
myocarditis (inflammation of heart)
pain of fibromyalgia throughout body
pancreatitis acute
placenta harmed
reactions to 269 drugs
sperm destroyed
stomach pain peristence
strokes caused by lipase increases, blood pressure increases or leaking brain arteries
tardive dyskinesia or constant shaking
vaccination generated covid19 2
veins, deep vein thrombosis
vision blurred
xenotransplantation contamination from vaccine ingredients including nerve cells from African green monkeys, cow and pig lipids, serums etc., chicken eggs used
to culture vaccines, horseshoe crabs, sharks' squalene, human fetal tissue while the vaccines were tested through the deaths of rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, and monkeys.

A vaccine event reporting site posted that after the vax he got Behcet's syndrome, a vascular-inflammatory disease It affects many organs and systems and shows a wide range of clinical manifestations and presentations. reports Pfizer vaccine interacts with 269 drugs. Haas Pfizer tested any of these interactions in its rush to develop new profit sources? A third reported 'iron overload' from the vaccine.
Seen on a tshirt: Don't call me an antivaxxer. My name is Mrs Doubtpfizer.
At her previous home, a dog named Tesla chewed through an electrical cord, destroying one of her eyes & causing her tongue to hang out. Now, Tesla is an ambassador teaching pet parents about electrical safety! #rescuedogs #AdoptDontShop
Did Merrick Garland have anything to do with this unconstitutional power grab by earthdestroying Chevron?
Human rights lawyer @SDonziger
was sentenced to six months in prison today for contempt of court. For the first time in US history in such a case, he was prosecuted not by the US Justice Dept, but by a private attorney who worked for Chevron. #FreeDonziger

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