Mayor Lightfoot's Heavy Foot And Other Stories

Stop Vaccine Mandates

John Thaw, Inspector Morse, was 7 and his brother was 5 when their
mother left home. Shortly after that the 2 were told where she was living
and went there and knocked on the door, asking her to come home. She
told them she couldn't. The Unforgettable John Thaw is a documentary
on Youtube.

Nursing home costs can range from $2600 to $36000
a month, latter in Alaska. Most nursing home residents would rather be at home with help. The govt could
accommodate home nursing and save hundreds of billions by prioritizing at home care.

Knowing Pfizer's history of Nigerian child killing, falsification of negative drug trials recording them as positive, int'l bribery & illegal marketing, Benjamin Netanyahu
still called Pfizer CEO Bourla 30 times re an exclusive covid vax contract. Israeli hospitals are now full of Pfizer-vaxxed patients with covid

Added to the African green monkey, cow, pig, chicken, shark, horseshoe crat
and human fetal cell ingredients in covid19 vax are the rhesus monkey, hamsters, rats, mice and rabbits on whom the vaccines were tested.

Meat and fish cause depression. The adrenaline secreted by animals as they fight against their killers
and experience terror is an enzyme broken up only
partially by cooking. It saturates the flesh & recreates the terror and anger in those who eat animals. Avoid antidepressants which are prodepression. That's why their bottles warn they can cause homicide, suicide. Nobel laureate Linus Pauling who added 6 elements to periodic table and knew before Watson &
Crick that DNA form was a helix said vitamin C best
for mental illness.

Pfizer paid out 2 fines of 2.6 billion and 75 milion for falsification of
test results, killing children in Nigeria whose parents were never informed
or consented to Pfizer's secret drug tests, for int'l bribery and marketing of
unapproved drugs.. wants FDA to rush approval of covid vaccine for children
5 to 11
Leaked contract between Albania and Pfizer
Aug 8, 2021 Dr Robt W Malone, inventor of mRNA
vax, tweeted an Israeli scientist told him the Israeli govt agreed with Pfizer to be quiet about side effects for 10 years. Anaphylaxis, brain bleeds, strokes, heart attacks, Guillain Barre, Bells' Palsy, tardive dyskinesia, etc

Chicago's mayor Lightfoot lately has a heavy foot.. requiring every fireman
to call her office and give vaccination status. Union officials are asking all
members to take a united stand againt the invasion of privacy and of medical

Biden's tyrannical vaccine mandates, beloved by Pfizer, are harming health care, crime and fire prevention, the economy, education of students, nat'l security as nurses, drs.,police, firemen, highly trained
employees resign, as students drop out of school, military are sickened.

Vegans weigh an avg 23 lbs less than animal and 12 lbs less than vegetarians (isocaloric studies of M Hardinge of Loma Linda) Avoid fried foods, cucumbers have fewer calories than avocadoes,

In the US it is legal to give cows what is called 'wastelage' or half grain and half manure.

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