Life And Disorderly: The Grace in Retribution

Michael Lupa Jr.

Sometimes you have to bear with your own pride and extirpate the trammeling blocks that suppress your actions. Getting the way to domination is a positive motivation in order to destroy any rivals in the streets, offices, malls, parks, and many other places where we engage with monstrous attackers; specially if we're dealing with heinous villains that we encounter when we endeavor with societal elements. Also it is presumed very dangerous in contending against the adversaries, so we have to fix our mind into calmness before we strike counter measures. The vanity that is subjected to our presumptions must be in cognizance to the balance of our awareness, then fear becomes irrelevant, in the execution of our task of defending ourselves and others.
When fear is withdrawn from the consciousness, then it is vital that virtue is indulged in the assimilation of enmity. At this point, there is no other foundation of strength but to hold predilection in the acknowledgement of inner value which strengthen actual retaliation. As we recognized a blatant environment, it is unequivocal that the ambiance embodies many savage entities, as the case may be. And if we view the scope of the scenery, it can be presumed to be very calamitous when we are encompassed in the chaos that are immanent in the ordeals. But since it is divulged that we are subjected to capabilities, that we can dominate in the engagement of the hostilities, we are able to understand at that point where we can begin to assess our struggle against our rivals. Then, we will continue the process of eradicating the evil elements in our society, with open mind, wide awake with the truth. At that certainty, we are confident that the conditions in the eventualities are measured with calculations derived from aspirational perception in the desire to crush notoriousity. With this process, synchronous alliance from other entities shall be assimilating concordance, with the same bargaining means and aims, but of with driven moral advocation for the intent of noble motivation. It is considered to be palpable when intervening powers are driven from resonating thoughts and wisdom, dominating through the impacting configuration of anomalies, as if the conflicting conditions are critical or substantial. The manifesting behavior of a contending noble, should be comprising vanity developed from assessments which are truthful of it's principles, that the suicidal thoughts of such broken man are blessed by the glory of godly perspicuity, or at least might be worshiping the anticipation of death. In such case, the willingness to destroy the hypocrisy of deceit in the course of war or contentions may be in the proper proportion related to it's anguish which was earned from the enemy. It is vital that retaliation against the culprits must be seen necessary and recommended.
It is very coherent that the proper way to envisage righteous ideals which are crucial to evaluating morality, is to reflect on conscience. And in the world of modern pandemonium, one would realize that it is substantial to juxtapose oneself on the chemistry with the environment, matters that emanates along the nature of humanity. How much more if the surroundings are heinous in the treachery that it advocates, lurking behind the shadows are malicious grievances which are ubiquitous and ambitious. Every attempt that we undertake could be a quicksand in the fringe where there may be some critics that awaits the downfall of a hero. Some societal elements are within the periphery of a hallowing whirlwind where survival of the fittest is a pretty much a field of career, then they wait for the time to endow discernment on the prey for slaughter. It may not be perfectly configured, but it is assumed feasible to accost any beast as to what it might render to one's sufferings, whether a man's agony serves pleasure to his own soul or it might provide appetite to slay the beast and eat it afterwards. And in the long way, as your vanity boost gratification as the case may be, there are many aspects that are annoying the divinity of such pride, but still the moral merits are very apposite to the conditions where times are climacteric for survival.
Since the time where ambiguity in the environs were pretty much rampant, and in some places cultures has become begrimed with violent behaviors; mere fretfulness has not been the real basis of response but fear becomes apparent. As in the arena of dog eats dog, hardliners has conquered the despotism as if who ever is the most egregious wins the challenge. Poor people always suffers because they can't afford the lawyers, or couldn't even provide advocacy to themselves coming from other people. The evil ones becomes more and more abusive while the weak has become severely feeble in the context of survival in our world of hypocrisy, and as time passes, they winded up ruthless and influenced by fascist ideals which were not only doctrined from perfidious books and principles from the early days, but also emanated from new theories in the modern world. Now is the prospect to modify a new agenda, a better paradigm which would give a scrapper a good pact where reasons are still ironic and justice is provided to the issues. Let's say for instance, when most people tend to obey dictates that are subjugating the honours of some others, then we now understand that we have to fight this type of norm. We must prove to this people that our righteousness has depicted the more probable stature that our communities can accomplish, and it can eradicate the crooked landscapes that the roughnecks has impacted in our lives especially to innocent people. It's not wrong to fight physically, mentally, morally, or verbally, but we need to be sure that we are on the right side of the coin. We must understand our beliefs so that we are absolutely correct on every attempt that we practically partake. And as we saltate along with the crowded mishaps, there are always instances that we are confused with the environment. We must always remember the significance of such resistance against prejudice and all the broaching attributes that it inflict in our lives, and as to speak, most of the offending predators has strictures upon the boundary to fear. Real strength comes from the inner realm of a person, and it develops into a more cognitive apparency that one would tolerate since more and more capabilities are recognized.
So, if it is ironic to employ vainglory, many would think that such capacity is falsely ensuing values to habitual imbroglio, and that there is no justifying morality in it. It is the same pride of a man that is symmetrical to a contingent balance when vanity is in linkage with it's concerns. Just like in a bloodsports match when the contending fighters are defending their glory, they are performing the best of their capabilities to achieve the triumph that they desire. They are exhibiting the egotism that observers conject to them when in the fighting ring. But what is about this vainglory? Well, it is the humiliating effect of torture or deceit that a person has endured from the abuses coming from tormentors, and it is manifesting like a malice of anger that one can attribute to an aggressor in return. Although it is twisted like a lunacy, it has a very strong energy that can be use to counterattack predators or abusive elements in our society, and that is when vanity in doomed predicaments materializes. It is such an impeccable way to defend oneself or other innocent individuals, especially the smaller ones.

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