Life And Disorderly: Cold Turkey in the Murky Deep

Michael Lupa Jr.

Taken From The Book "Memories At The Brink"

In the depth of silence, when everyone around has gone off to their homes and we're left sitting in the dark, then we becomes feeling abandoned - isolated from the world of defilement such as traffic, processes, crimes, occupation, politics, and so on. Now we realized that there's the distinction between immersed or not, and the difference becomes pretty much annoying because it presents things that are irregular when dealt with procedures implemented by rules from the state. Imagine a period when life conditions are very drastic in the 21st century, as if measures however are organized like quarantines, surveillance, warfare, shutdowns, and alikes. If in the sudden stop of a civilization comes a quiet and disturbing hush lockdowns in the areas where schools, malls, offices, and all establishments are closed down. Quarantines are maybe caused by warfares, pandemics, relocations, migrations, nuclear disasters, refugee programs, and maybe cyber attacks. In the year 2020, a pandemic has plaque the world, and countries has dealt huge amount of response along with the quarantine process. The city and countrysides were seen destituted and the only organisms that passed by in the streets are troops of military and frontliners sanitizing the streets with sprays. The TVs were on, broadcasting the updates on covid - 19, while children were in the room and maybe naive of what it meant when no schools opened, as all establishments were closed as well. What kind of oblivion was this? No intimidations, no other compromises, no preferences, but very few uprisings on other countries. Subjugation were dealt in order to attain the lockdown requirements as some were harassing their citizens, beating pedestrians with sticks while in most countries they put to slammer whoever is captured sauntering the roads in lockdowns and curfews. It is a reality that somehow our world has gone to a worst dimension but how would it be viewed when our perception has reached the absurdity of obscurity? A lot of exploitable people realized that there's too much exigency for the economy to grow or atleast functioning in order to provide jobs and be able to open offices and other establishments, and buy products from the marketplace. Since this kind of mishap occurred, a lot of divarications were expected and defined and along with it were social patterns that were crucial to public orders. Also it was expected that in the long run, many other catastrophe like this will occur in the future, as the world runs wild in the ambiguity of civilization or perhaps collapse in the face of beliefs and liberation. Crimes has decreased it's rate in the period but there where instances of chaos and looting in the grocery stores, as lots of thieves egressed from the depot recognized from CCTV carrying different kinds of stuff. As in our world today, oblivion has established it's prevalence. The populace are accustomed to the modern propensity while calculating variances dealt with high capacity storage apps, reckoning the gamification so commercialized like a traffic jam in the road to nowhere. Pretty much scientific as they say, as the inaugurated brands and codifications has very promising future for the elite, so much of social anarchism sometimes yet small children and weak people still staring from the window shops, hoping for something to burgle from the shelves. In a time when the surrounding is subdued, as every person in their lodging is counted, and the period is the futuristic tale of oblivion and culture shock, then it is a time for a reality to be circumscribed in it's real description. And as there's no more hope for betterment, as even life is hard to be imaginable. It is easy to concoct at this point of view that somehow viruses and even insanity are derived from computer simulation programs that are installable even from the internet. What an invention of humans, one should say. At those days, in the distance were some congregations driving down the road searching for their fall guy, equipped with hand guns or tear gas, as even bilbo in the compartment. Monitoring from the mobile phones were some men and women detecting the crusades of their victims. And as the cities has been silently calm, the stings were still annoying private individuals, still were ready to send message for a re-induction of another cyber-attacks to communities while sick people were lamenting with diseases that has been transmitted from other countries.
On September of 2021, an advisory from the government of Japan has been released through media outlets that a terrorist attack would breakout to SouthEast Asian countries. It is a relevant issue nowadays concerning this kind of bugbear, but weird as they say when co-relating with Japanese government in that period as such nation is more focused on economic interest. Philippine's Defense Secretary has inquired into the Japanese Embassy in Manila for data regarding the consultative action issued by Japan's foreign ministry about potential aggression in the continent. The country admonished its citizens in six Southeast Asian countries, and implored on them to stay away from religious sites. In these cases, we can also recognize some ephemeral measures just like what we find in pandemics, as quarantines are apropos when atrocities occurred but seldom to be acknowledged pertaining to nomenclature. They usually call it in other places surveillance, monitoring, or observation. Ever since pandemic occurred in 2020, people deem the perception of doom in their conscience, and there's a sense in it that is always hounding the souls of people, a feeling that is much absurd and blatant. It is obvious that such kind of phenomenon is rare or out of this world, and most people now are may be having these shift of ideas in some areas that are germane to the issue, but the real equation is unknown in terms of scientific accuracy pertaining to viruses that has cankered our civilizations and the ones that are yet coming as well. The governments are programming it's capacity with the leadership of a global governing body, scrutinizing every areas and implementing the necessary applications. It is visible in the eye, that a world is flirting to an end - an obliteration that is mostly unusual yet irritating, just like a massive suicide attempt that is canonized for the glory of death. Yet, in this particular description, a modern world which is in a cold turkey, praying to God almighty that for some reason it is all destined to be. Then one day we will wake up in a usual day alive, with the alarm clock set at breakfast and maybe not on a Monday rush. Sunrise at 6:30 am, while kids are jumping around the bed, your wife is ugly by the time and kids are your grandchildren, TV is on the pathetic CNN as well as your boring arthritis. And as days will go by, every inch of anomaly would be a glimpse of ridiculous fallacy, and people in general will behave in a certain manner that is ascertained from modern configuration. Nonetheless, today we are primarily buckled down to what is updated on innovation, digital gadgets, and online activities. People seem to be very articulate in absorbing data from sources especially through mobile phones, and as the pirates are embarking to onslaught, partisans are furnishing their manifestos for injunction of nearby patrons for arguability. In these form of conformation, betterments are omni postured as well as torments reputed on every doorstep as organic residuum are rendered to populace just like poison in vegetation. The picturisques of towns in lockdowns are ghostly, perceiving residents inside their homes while utilities are hopefully facilitated as monthly dues are required for submission. The internet serves as the religion for the sinister, as it saves the souls of the worshippers of porns and social networks, online purchase for the patriciate or Paypal for the juniors. A little scapegoat since the last new normal again, re-opening of the Mecca in commercial district where humans are uniformly cryptographed with facemasks and shields, falling in line with the most encoded series of edition in the new world disorder.
Now, what we have comprehended is the contemplation of our time sunk into the mud of distress, fear, and hardships - as we go along the journey of perplexity. Contretemps everywhere where everyone is fastened to the claws of imperilment, and as time goes by preponderance of people are becoming more and more satanic and perversive. Hypocricy is but famously alluring the consternation of the distressed, and since it is a freehand superwheeling fall of the great jinx of all - of coarse, of the elite and famous or of the ugly Filipinos that looks like dogs in the barn of faggotry, ready to suck off the rectum of the pre-fabulous white aficionados. What an unfortunate challenge of all, when human lives are succumbed to a mundane aspect of sophistication and that iggy looking society is the norm's basis for realm as if moronism is part of the down syndrome polity. In addition to these kinds of tribulations are the shapes which are regnantly inherent in the storage of exercises as government tend to drive control measures purposely provided for the calamities of pandemic or disasters, and other alike eventualities like war and famine. And as it functions in relation to it's designs, parts of it's mechanisms are relatively defaulting skimpily, in ways that are repairable to some extent. All in all, manoevers that are sustained by the government organizations are seizing it's dues somehow, but most of the times the people concerned are stealing the shekels and other reservoirs from the schemes which are provided for it's advantage. See there's the swaggering of the troops in the streets of quarantined areas by the districts, on national level, or on global scale. It purvey the means in the guilt and guts of people who conjecturize a better nation for all it's citizens, but what would be the perfect configuration for all of these? Also there's the diddlers from the town's office and the inspectors that used to monitor around the villages and detect possible transmission of diseases. It's a different world nowadays, when matters seem annoying and technical in the routinary daily basis, freeways are fabricated as quicksands are forged on the ground so that patrons are doomed to sink below. So Christmas comes on and not much of the standard freemen, women, and children, but somehow had been able to organize Christmas carols in Rochefeller Center and in other venues, people marched through the road routing windward to the cathedrals. The choir of the Christmas gospels seemed aliviated at some point when the season complemented the winter gifts for the beloved children singing "Whispering Hope" on TV, the merriness was kind and delighted that in such particular ways the spirit has blessed on the eve, even though morbidity endangered our eudaemonia and mortality. The practice of quarantine, as we acknowledge, commenced during the 14th century in a determination to safeguard coastal cities from plague epidemics. Ships entered in Venice from infected ports were compelled to sit at anchor for 40 days before touchdown. The practice, called quarantine, was originated from the Italian words quaranta giorni which means 40 days. Now we are sitting in a corner, contemplating grace and all that regulations for public areas inside our heads which reminds us of futuristic films, although many of us are secretly sustaining seizures and other infirmities while esconcing posteriorly of our doors.


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