Gasmasks For The Guerilla!


Gasmasks For The Guerilla!
Support the armed resistance in Kandil against the gas attacks of the Turkish army!

Since 2015 the guerrilla in the Kurdish mountains are back in war against the Turkish army. This in response to the breaking off of the peace process through Turkey. In this war, Turkey uses poison gas. In order to protect the people against it as best as possible and for them to remain fit to fight, we want to support the PKK and the revolutionary guerilla and supply them with gas masks! An important base of the revolutionary liberation movement are the mountains of the Medya defense area in northern Iraq. With decades of experience the guerrilla are far superior here. The Turkish state therefore relies on attacks from the air, using, among other things, poison gas. In these bombings, next to tons of TNT also chemical substances are used. How responsible persons of the HPG, the guerrilla unit of the PKK report, bombs are dropped regularly, that bring deadly clouds of gas. The poison gas is used to hit bunkers and caves of the guerrilla, which with conventional bombardments can not be reached. The HPG is alerted and calls for immediate support. That’s why we say: the guerrilla need gas masks! After the PKK together with many other revolutionaries contributed a big part towards the victory against the Islamic State and there was a lot of cheering internationally for this, a major part of the world remains silent regarding the recent attacks on the guerrilla.

In two days alone, over 18 chemical weapon attacks were recorded in the Avaşîn region. The poison gas is used to hit the guerrilla bunkers and caves, which cannot be destroyed by conventional bombing.

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