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Don't worry spider. I keep house casually -Issa-
After killing a spider,
how lonely I feel
in the cold of night!
-Masaoko Shiki

The Amish have puppy mills, slaughter and cage mammals and birds for flesh, milk and eggs, run deforesting wood products businesses and in their use
of carriages on roads on which cars drive fast make horses the victims along with children and friends.

Andrea Junker: in 1861, 11 Senators and 3 Representatives were expelled from Congress for failing to recognize Lincoln’s election and supporting insurrection.

Black cats are the least popular in shelter adoptions..

Cogito, ergo sum said Descartes "I think. Therefore I am." He nailed dogs' feet to tables so that
he could carve them up. He tortured in vivisection.
Therefore he was a monster.

a black bear in Michigan was euthanised after making a 125-mile journey home. Officials said that the bear had become too comfortable around humans, becoming a "threat to human welfare." The bear had been relocated & walked all the way home

Corporal punishment of children has more correlation to adult violence than no spanking, hitting, beating, slapping

Berlin voters by a comfortable margin voted that the city should expropriate housing from large landlords (that have at least 3,000 units) & socialize those units.
Roughly 200,000 units '

If cigarette ads have been banned on the airwaves, so should be meat, fish, egg and dairy ads

Sir Andrew: Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night":
"I am a great eater of beef, & I believe that does harm to my wit." Verily, forsooth, for animal fat doth clog
cerebral arteries & amyloid plaque from homocysteine doth arterial blood block & away from oxygen supply doth the brain lock
Superior brain function in vegans, fruitarians and vegetarians.
Former slaughterhouse worker: Cows do think and have emotions. I worked the largest slaughterhouse
on the planet, Iowa Beef (now Tyson foods). We killed 200 cows an hour. They would weep, crying with big tears, trembling with fear. Cows have
emotions, just like your dog or cat.

Why is a red dye, sodium nitrate, which combines with amino acids in meat to form carcinogenic nitrosamines, used to color animal flesh?
Sodium nitrate hides the gray black brown and green
of decomposing putrid flesh from rot to gangrene
Blood, trioxypurine, adrenalin, cholesterol, prions, fecal matter, from the butchered cow as well as insect droppings in the slaughterhouse, colon bacteria, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, insecticides, female hormones, mercury, arsenic, chromium, polychlorinated biphenols, no vitamin C, no natural bulk, Alzheimer's or senility, sterility, cancer, anthrax, lead, Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Deer, impotence, flydung, smallpox, tularemia, acid reflux, alcoholism, addiction, clenbuterol, diabetes, biophages, irradiation, genetically modified foods given slaughter bound animals, medications like Benadryl, banned antibiotics and legal ones, caffeine, excess lactic acid, feather meal, isinglass from fish bladders put in beer, MRSA, carcinogens such as malondialdehyde and methylcholanthrene, ractopamine, trimethylamineoxide (TMAO), L-carnitine, arsenic, campylobacter, heterocyclic amines, dioxin, downers, uric acid kidney stones, pus, salmonella serovars, shigella, staphylococcus aureus, listeria, vibrio gastroenteritis, plesiomonas shigelloides, bacillus cereus, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, aspartame

a list of foods containing the antkiller which became NutraSweet

Pancreatic cancer risk increases with bacon

Taurine in energy drinks is the taurine which when added to a cat'd diet makes it safe for a cat to be vegan

Joni Ernst speaks against raising the debt ceiling ..
Trump's tax cut for the rich and other spending raised
deficit by 7 trillion. Ernst has not objected to the federal
subsidies given to Iowa pig killing businesses.
Libertarian Doug Butzier's death installed Joni Ernst in a Senate seat.
Other plane crashes took Democrats' lives during campaigns: Paul Wellstone, MN, Jerry Littlon &
Mel Carnahan, MO, Hale Boggs, LA, Nick Begich AK. Ted Kennedy survived his plane crash with a broken back.
After Wellstone's death, VP Walter Mondale, Democrat, ran in his place. and though he was ahead by
double digits 2 days ahead of the election, Norm Coleman, by vote fraud, mysteriously won the race,
as did Jack Danforth in Missouri, the notorious animal killer Don Young in Alaska.

In 1993 Czechoslovakia split up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Immigration complexities: On the one hand are all the humanitarian concerns.. on the other, the fact that
immigration creates lower wages, increases rental costs because of increased demand, and is a further
deforestation factor because of housing unit needs.

It was a practice in the 19th Cent for wealthy Americans to pay someone else to take their places when drafted

Army Flight Surgeon recommends to SecDef
all injected pilots and flight crews are grounded for their risk of cardiac arrest in flight, while carrying personnel or munitions. 3 pulmonary embolisms in ICU within 48 hours of jab at Ft. Hood.
India had a 13% vaccine rate, has conquered covid distributing a $2.65 kit to each person which contains zinc, ivermectin and doxycycline. Vaccines harming military efficiency

Dr Banu PrakashAS ಡಾ.ಬಾನುಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ಎಎಸ್Neuro
Sep 23, 21
Norway, announced that you are at a greater risk of dying from ⁦@AstraZeneca
⁩ vaccine branded as ⁦@Covishield
⁩ in India than from COVID-19. German scientists have found out how the broken parts of #Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19
Czechs destroying 45000 Astra Zeneca doses no one wants them
Croatian leader stops vaccines 23,000 Germany physicians refuse to give covid vaccine shots

A few years back Pfizer paid 2.3 billion in fines for int'l bribery, marketing of unapproved
drugs and FALSIFICATION of test results. In a 2nd action, USA Today,
Aug 7, 2012
Pfizer pays $60 million to settle bribery charges

Marian Burros, food editor of the Wash Post and then of NY Times, reported that the polysaccharides in fruit
(which also has disaccharides and monosaccharides for
an even energy flow over time) bypass the need for insulin (unlike cane sugar, e.g.)

Seen: a sign 'no hunting in cemetery'... a different kind of roadkill?

Neighbors who BBQ are sending carcinogenic benzopyrene smoke up others' nostrils.. a kind of rape..
there are apt bldgs in Mumbai which don't allow nonvegetarians (more vegans every day in india)

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