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Why are meat prices going through the roof while
shelves are empty of cow, pig and chicken flesh in the UK. The answer say some is the lack of availability of
carbon dioxide which is injected into flesh packaging and used in machines which kill the cows.
In addition, according to the UN, the butcher industry of ranching is the chief cause of the world's rising carbon dioxide because of cow flatulence. It is greater than the amount expelled by trucks and
cars. Another rancher cause of carbon dioxide is deforestation. Cutting down oxygen-creating trees to make room for grazing land has been done by cowkillers for centuries. Trees take in co2 and breathe out oxygen. In addition, innocent cows smash sapling trees. The carbon dioxide shortage in the UK is caused by fertilizer plant shutdowns. Other causes of animal and bird flesh shortages: fires in California and many Western states have burned cows alive. Climate change 3 digit temperatures have caused them to die of heat. The drought
caused by lack of rain has caused countless numbers to die of thirst.
Estimates of the energy expended for a lb of cow flesh range from 30 to 81 kilowatts per lb. 1847 gallons of water per lb of cowflesh is the estimate reported by denverwater. As fewer places can grow corn, soy, and other food for cows because of the drought and heat, the rise in food costs of these crops is passed on in the cost of meat. Other causes which make animal flesh investments
dangerous include shortages of farm workers and slaughterhouse workers, the exploding vegan movement, rising animal rights link to opposing
animal agriculture, increasing knowledge of the health hazards of meat.
Estimates of the energy expended for a lb of cow flesh range from 30 to 81 kilowatts per lb. 1847 gallons of water per lb of cowflesh is the estimate reported by

Rupert Murdoch's deforesting WSJ as well as the Times
have profiteered from advocacy of animal slaughter ads.
The ink for these ads is crimson from the blood of innocents.
Your tax $$$ have paid for Beef Checkoff's full page ad
in the NYT. Beef Checkoff is subsidized thru the 1985 Farm Bill & designed to stave off plummeting prices for cow cadaver food. For 36 years the mongers of mammal murder propaganda have created more 3 digit days for all.

Cropdusting, a euphemism for ecocide terrorim.

Audubon is certifying some ranchers as promoters of grasslands birds. Cows are murdered into 'beef', as Audubon murdered birds to stuff & draw them. Audubon is partnering with cattle ranchers, the world's
worst climate change industry. Partnering with animal killers is nothing new for Audubon which sided with sealclubbers in the Pribilof Islands in order to have them in its 'environment' coalition. At an Audubon luncheon, members eulogize rare birds while dining on murdered birds called chickens.
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177 nations in the world have outlawed the death penalty. Abolitionists oppose death for any human.
Vegans oppose death or slavery for any animal.
Abolitionist vegans want no being murdered by any govt. or individu

Nearly all humans want children, dogs, and cats to be in cool cars during hot weather. But children and some city people rarely if ever see the cows and pigs in stiflingly hot trucks on the way to their brutal murders.
Dr Rand Paul questions Fauci re the latter's funding of coronavirus weaponization Rand Paul questions Fauci
Shat causes heart disease? artery clogging animal fat in meat fish dairy and eggs... amyloid plaque from homocysteine in meat and fish (both fat and homocysteine are also causes of Alzheimer's, strokes, aneurisms and embolisms)
A Tale Of Toxic Coffee

Meat sustainability is an oxymoron -C Salamone-

Altab Hossain, vegan Muslim from Kolkata is on Twitter
The Smithsonian came under fire a few years ago for
accepting TX billionaire Dan Duncan's illegally murdered
mammal. Duncan was violating Russian law using aerial hunting.

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