Overview of Mechanical Watches


Mechanical watches are devices for timing, powered by a spring motor. This is how they differ from electronic-based quartz watches .

How a mechanical watch works
The work of wrist, wall and pocket models is based on a spring motor. This means that the mechanism rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/casio/edifice/ is driven by an S-shaped or spiral spring located in a cylindrical housing with a toothed edging - a drum.

1 - Spring
2 - Drum
3 - Wheel system
4 - Trigger mechanism
5 - Balance

Under the influence of external influence - the rotation of the crown in hand-wound movements and the movement of the rotor in automatic watches - the spring is twisted, a bending moment is created. Further, the bending moment of the spring is converted into torque and imparted to the drum, which, through the wheel system, transfers the rotation energy to the watch rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/casio/ wheel system, ultimately providing the movement of the hands on the dial. In order for the gears to rotate at the same speed and waste energy gradually, the watch is equipped with a escapement and balance.

How accurate a mechanical watch is
The mechanics are inferior in accuracy to devices powered by current power supplies. Now it is used only to create elite models of wrist, pocket and wall clocks. The daily lag rate is from 5 to 45 seconds.

The case of the Casio G-Shock MRG-G2000HA watch is made of a special titanium alloy with AIP (Arc Ion Plating) coating. This material is significantly stronger than conventional titanium. "G-shocks" are unimaginable without a shock arsenal of functions, and the most expensive model proves this rule! The watch connects to the smartphone via the MR-G Connected app, and triple synchronization ensures flawlessly accurate time display - via GPS, Bluetooth and Multiband. The model is equipped with a world time option, a calendar, automatic hand correction, as well as a smart alarm clock and a bright Super Illuminator.

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