Linus Pauling, Vitamin C, and Other News Notes

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Those who build with brick or block, stone or stucco or granite etc 1. save trees 2. prevent more fires 3. don't worry about termites 4. have better insulation 5 save on the money and time of painting

Dr. Elias Zerhouni former NIH Director “We have moved away from studying human disease in humans. We all drank the Kool-Aid on that one, me included. The problem is that [animal testing] hasn’t worked, and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem. We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans.” His message to Fauci, current NIH director Collins and all vivisectors and people.

Space trips for a vivisector, St Jude, which ignores nonanimal research.
Jared Isaacman gives 200 million to the vivisector St Jude. 2 of the clients of his Paypal type co.are the world's biggest chicken killer KFC and cattle killing Arby's.

St Jude mgmt falsely states ''There is no substitute for animal testing when evaluating the effects of diseases and proposed treatments to fight those diseases.' Nonanimal testing is more accurate, faster, less expensive, and most important, not torture. In vitro testing,
computer models, gas chromatographs, human-patient simulators, human volunteers are some.,in%20silico%20models%29%2C%20and%20studies%20with%20human%20volunteers.

There is no transparency re alleged covid death #s.
Profiteering hospitals get between 13k and 39k (for
ventilators) for every alleged covid patient. The CDC
hides behind HIPAA as does the private vivisector Johns Hopkins which works with major funder Michael Bloomberg.

Cattle dying of thirst as drought deepens,is%20doomed%20to%20die%20from%20thirst%20and%20hunger.
For centuries, cattle have died in snowstorms.

Tyson's Foods, 1 of 1st to require vaccines, has murdered trillions of cows, pigs, chickens while endangering
the health of animal eaters with several cancers, heart disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis, kidney disease,
food poisoning, embolisms, aneurisms, strokes etc.

Ensure, frequently distributed in hospitals, is not vegan .. not sure if it is vegetarian.
Hospitals give chicken and beef broth, jello gelatin and Ensure to vegans and vegetarians despite
their having specified their diets.

Architects, pilots, engineers for 911 truth. CSpan on Sept 12 had at least 8 or other
911 truth sites courageously exposing what really happened. There were no photos of any plane hitting the Pentagon, no wing scars on the bldg, no visible plane parts in Shanksville.

A sequel to John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in which he speaks of US intelligence agency
arranged plane crashes, assassinations, destabilizations.

Vitamin C is far more crucial than any vaccine, for Covid as for polio.

Decades before Jonas Salk, Dr. Frederick Klenner cured polio with intravenous C in all 60 cases he saw—and was ignored by the AMA despite publishing 28 peer-reviewed studies.

Diphtheria vaccines are dangerous, but vitamin C was demonstrated many years
ago as an effective treatment against
diphtheria. Once again, C is in every fruit
and doesn't make $ for drug cos. so as
a treatment it was ignored.

Dr Linus Pauling, winner of Nobel in his field of biochemistry and a 2nd Nobel for peace.. wrote a book on Vitamin C. He was hounded by the AMA and their 'truth squad' which followed him around. Drug company profits and controls are threatened by natural cures.

In April of 68, Linus Pauling published the article (later a book) "Orthomolecular Psychiatry" in the journal Science in which he advocated vitamin C and other nonviolently derived naturally occurring orthomolecules to treat schizophrenia etc.Vitamin C as a cure for mental illness
causes no tardive dyskinesia (permanent shaking), no homicidal, suicidal or other violent actions, no weight gain, no impotence that 'antidepressants' (actually prodepression) drugs cause.

Pauling was one of four who won two Nobels (his in biochemistry and peace) said that vitamin C speeds up signals across brain synapses, that it strikingly resembles molecules in fruit. Added to the
previous list of 7 is another: greater life span. He lived 93 years.

Vitamin C in fruit, pills, crystals or vitamin c intravenous drips cures polio, diphtheria,
mental illness, infections, cancer, flu, colds and extends life expectancy. Pauling lived 93 years. Sources: Pauling's books on mental illness cures and vitamin C, Jungeblut research
which cured polio, etc.

5. Vit C as a cure for mental illness
causes no tardive dyskinesia (permanent shaking), no homicidal, suicidal or other violence, no weight gain, no impotence. All of them are listed as side effects of antidepressants. FDA required a warning label re violence on these drugs.
More than 1000 Palestinians will go on a hunger strike to protest Israeli denial of rights

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