Israeli Newspapers List Jewish Americans in Biden Administration

Int'l Observer

Merrick Garland Attorney General
Janet Yellin Secetary of Treasury
Tony Blinken Secretary of State
Alejandro Mayorkas Dept of Homeland Security
Ron Klain Chief of Staff White House
Gary Gensler Securities and Exchange Commissio
Rochelle Walensky CDC
Avril Haines Director of National Intelligence
Wendy Sherman Deputy Secetary of State
Anne Neuberger NSA Cybersecurity Director
David Cohen Deputy Director of CIA
Rosenworcel Acting chairwoman FCC
Eric Lander Office of Science and Technology
There are 8 Jewish senators 16% of Senate
and 37 Jewish US House members
2 of 9 Supreme Court members or 22%: Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer
(consistently standing for abolition of the death penalty)

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, as of 2018 Jewish Americans represented 2% of the population.
The Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and other Israeli papers have done articles on the unprecedented number
of Jewish Americans in the Biden administration.

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