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The Taliban violently broke up a women's peaceful protest in Kabul, smashing women in the head with gun butts, tasering, tear gas and pepper spray. The UN and no individual country acting militarily should be involved.

From 23 countries, Uighurs have been forced back to China. The Uighurs who fled from China to Afghanistan fear they will be sent back to China because of China's
dominant influence in Afghanistan
The Taliban broke up a women's protest in Kabul with pepper spray and gas.

100 vegan animal rights memes

China has banned Brazilian cow flesh imports because of Mad Cow. The Bolsonaro govt is lying saying the disease occurs spontaneously. Sadly Reuters' headline says 'beef giant' rather than ' cow cadaver, corpse, carcasses or carrion'. Stanley Benjamin Prusiner (born May 28, 1942) is an American neurologist and biochemist.
He is the discoverer of prions which cause bovine spongiform encephalopathy or Mad Cow. He left Harvard for
a California university because Harvard had put his research on a back burner.
Prions occur when brains, spinal stems and other nerves of some animals are given to other animals. Brazilian JBS and govt are prevaricating in saying the disease occurs spontaneously. Prusiner left Harvard because his work was put on a back burner there.

For decades the USDA lied about the incidence of Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Deer, Mad Elk, Mad Lamb, Mad Fish, Mad Chicken, Mad Turkey etc in the US. Ann Veneman had been mentored by an exec with the American Meat Inst. before becoming head of the USDA. She then went to a UN agencydirector of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). P ›
10·4-05 FDA decided to allow high-risk cattle parts, such as tonsils, small intestines, eyes, and certain nerve bundles in animal food. The agency has also decided to continue to allow the use of cattle blood, poultry litter, & restaurant plate waste

Food is not feed simply because it is given to
animals murdered for their flesh. Why is it
that kibble given dogs is called food while cows' food is called feed? Such food has never been well regulated.
Wastelage was a term for cow manure when mixed in with grain given cows

Dr Peter Breggin has published many books and articles about the homicide, suicide and generalized violence caused by antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac etc.
41 lethal and serious side effects of Pfizer's Zoloft
suicide, homicide, violence, weight gain, impotence, tardive dyskinesia or permanent shaking
Zoloft and Tardive dyskinesia, a phase IV clinical study of ...
Permanent shaking of hands, feet, facial muscles
Weight loss
Weight gain
Increased sweating
Flu-like symptoms
Decreased libido
Delayed ejaculation
Abdominal pain
Muscle cramps
Back pain
Menstrual problems
Dry mouth
Urinary incontinence
Breast pain
Back pain

2002 figures.of kg of animal flesh per person in the world's most animal eating countries.
Australia 108.2
Bahamas 123.6
Canada 108.1
Cyprus 131.3
Denmark 145.9
France 101.1
French Polynesia 112.2
Hungary 100.7
Ireland 106.3
Luxembourg 141.7
Mongolia 108.8
New Zealand 142.1
Saint Lucia 124.1
United States of America 124.8
Diseases of high meat consumption include heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, several kinds of cancer,
Alzheimer's, food poisoning, kidney failure, liver disease etc.

Many people are boycotting Texas events and Texas based corporations because of executions, vote suppression, a medieval unconstitutional abortion ban, promotion of fossil fuel, enabling of serial killing of cows etc.

Animal protectors are saying certain groups
must sever ties with USDA Wildlife Services. These hired guns have already killed too many of our parks’ cottontails, ravens, skunks, gulls, foxes, raccoons, opossums, coyotes & community cats! #EBRPD #animal

Israel with 82% of its population vaccinated exclusively by Pfizer is
now experiencing a new wave of Covid, something predicted by Nobel Prize winner,
and discoverer of HIV Dr Luc Montagnier, who said 'the vaccines are creating the variants.'

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