23 Of Many Ways to Save The Government Money


1. End Afghanistan and other invasive wars
2. Close some of the hundreds of bases around the world
3. Stop sending billions as well as arms to Israel with which to bomb
4. The Pentagon spends 2 billion a day on govt welfare to arms mongers
and military profiteers
5. End animal research billions yearly spent on torturing innocent sentient beings
6. Turn food stamps into fruit and vegetable stamps... stop subsidizing animal
7. Empty the jails of all nonviolent prisoners..
the US is the most imprisoning nation on earth
8. Privatized prisons have a financial incentive to keep people in jail... end
9. Each execution in a state or the federal government costs millions... time
to end capital punishment in the US..a Democratic campaign promise
10. We have the most expensive health care in the world and are only in the middle
of countries in terms of results. It is time to establish price controls
on hospital, insurance, physician and big pharma prices.
11. Billionaires should be taxed at 90% and centibillionaires such as Bezos at 99%
12. Stop subsidies to cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, factory farmers of pigs
chickens etc
13. Tax the purchase of animal agriculture products and fish.
14. Vegan only school lunches for the animals, the children, the planet, and
to end the role of the US as the fattest country
15. Ralph Nader, broadcasting on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, said years ago
that billionaires pay pennies on the dollar for tv and radio airwave licenses
from which they make billions. It's time to open up the airwaves ... to
communities... end the dictatorship by the rich
16. Financially penalize corporations which outsource jobs
17. Abolish the vaccine court which rewards vaccine companies for their mistakes
by granting them immunity and which makes the public pay for the deaths
and serious injuries caused by drug companies (only 1% of the victims
are given access to have their cases heard)
18. End pensions for senators and representatives unless they are elected
for many terms
19. Corporations pay a smaller percentage than many middle income Americans.
End that.
20. End the granting of oil leases to foreign governments.
21. Subsidize solar, wind, thermal and other renewable energy sources.. saving
the costs of oil spill cleanups, etc.
22. Tax those who use tree paper or lumber in newspapers, building etc.
The cost of fighting fires because of deforestation is astronomical.
23. Shut down the USDA meat research lab in Nebraska.

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